Tattoos on the shoulder for women - Batanga

Tattoos on the shoulder for women - Batanga

Tattoos on the shoulder for women - Batanga

One of the favorite places among young ladies when designing a tattoo is the shoulder. There is no doubt that it is a tremendously sensual place to put a good tattoo, especially during the summer, you know, when the temperature goes up and the garments let you see that attractive design there. Today I want to show you a great gallery of tattoos on the shoulder for women and by the way, invite you to know a little more about this kind of designs.

Tattoos on the Shoulder the girls

The shoulders are the ideal site for certain designs, because they highlight their natural curves and are easy to hide if in any case, so it is desired, moreover, it is not a site that is commonly considered among the most painful. Women's shoulder tattoos are perfect for expressing your femininity, style and sensuality, but there are certain designs that occupy a special place within those of this type.

The designs Preferred for tattooing the shoulders are usually those rather delicate and very feminine, such as flowers, fairies, small classic tribal, vines and in short, all those who are able to adapt to the anatomy of this zone. That is why it is important to keep in mind that very large designs may not look so good.

Those designs that include many colors look beautiful and it is very easy to fall into them at the time of taking the decision, however, is an area that during the summer is generally very exposed to the sun and this may generate some problems in relation to the quality of the sun.

Finally, before going to the gallery, remember that the most important thing is that you choose well your design and the proportions of this respect to your body. For example, on small shoulders, a small design will look much better. The female tattoos on the shoulder is a choice that will end up changing the perception of your body and your beauty.

Photos of tattoos on the shoulder for women

Just in case you decided on one of these, then I'll leave you some good options. Take a look at this gallery of tattoos on the shoulder for women.

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