TEMPO Project Temporarily Exhibits Artworks throughout Austin | AustinTexas.gov - The Official Website of the City of Austin

TEMPO Project Temporarily Exhibits Artworks throughout Austin | AustinTexas.gov - The Official Website of the City of Austin

TEMPO Project Temporarily Exhibits Artworks throughout Austin | AustinTexas.gov - The Official Website of the City of Austin

The Art in Public Places program, a program of the Cultural Arts Division of the City's Economic Development Department of Austin, is proud to announce the 10 selected works of art through the temporary TEMPO 2015 public art project. Works of art are now displayed in local parks and City facilities. We invite the community to discover these works of art and attend special events throughout October and November. Visit austintexas.gov/TEMPO for a map of the exhibits and more information about each artwork.

The TEMPO project began in the spring of 2015 with an invitation to all artists from the Austin area to submit their proposals to temporarily display works of art on City properties. Ten proposals were selected, eight from individual artists and two from artist teams, which will be shown for different periods of time between August 2015 and January 2016.

Selected works represent a variety of themes - from the community of older adults to local cultural history and environmental issues.

The artist David Goujon was inspired by the destruction of the Jumpolín piñatas shop to create his sculpture Las Piñatas in District 3. Three donkey-shaped piñatas, made of 10-foot-tall plywood planks and colored paper, now "graze" in Edward Rendon Park Park (in 1700 Nash Hernandez Sr. Road and Chicon St.), and will be on display until November 22. Goujon explains that the sculptures represent that "every act of creation begins as a form of destruction, and every city sees parts of it dying before it grows and develops."

Several artists took their inspiration from the natural world, including Yareth Fernandez's sculpture, Los Balcones , in District 10's Bull Creek District Park. Three bench-shaped sculptures simulate local formations of limestone. Yuliya Lanina's sculpture, Earth Mother , in Ramsey Park Park District 9, is a 6-foot-tall head of a woman, and is sculpted from recycled polystyrene, planted with flowers and local grasses . KNOT , George Sabra's sculpture, directs public attention to climate change and hydrocarbons as the main cause of global warming; this achieves through the materials used, 20 barrels of oil of 55 gallons collected, compressed and joined to form a steel knot 11 feet high. KNOT will be on display October 17 at the Great Inauguration of Recycle & amp; Reuse Drop-off Center .

The ten works of art can be seen during the months of October and November. Check out the website for the project www.austintexas.gov/ TEMPO for more information on each.

Upcoming Exhibitions and Special Events:

Artist: Juan Deleon
Artwork: Omission
When: November 14 and 15 Where: Boggy Creek Park Greenbelt Park, 1114 Nile St.

Artist: George Sabra
Artwork: KNOT
When: October 12 to November 7
Where: Download Center Recycle & Reuse Drop-off Center, 2514 Business Center Dr.
Grand Opening of Recycle & Reuse Drop-off Center, October 17 from 10:00 am to noon, including children's crafts, a photo booth, live music, an art exhibit, and different local companies, non-profit organizations and City offices

Artist: Annelize Machado
Artwork: Born and Bread
When: November 14 and 21, and December 5 and 12 Where: The Old Bakery & Emporium, 1006 Congress Ave.
Every day there will be six presentations of the short film by Machado, at 6:15; 6:45, 7:15, 7:45, 8:15 and 8:45 pm

Other exhibitions available to visit from now on:

Artist: Olivia Martin Moore
Artwork: Memorial
When: August 17 - January 18 Where: Convict Hill Quarry Park, 6511 Convict Hill Rd. p>

Artist: Yuliya Lanina
Artwork: Earth Mother
When: October 1 to November 31 Where: Ramsey Park, 4301 Rosedale Ave. >

Artist: Yareth Fernandez
Artwork: Los Balcones
When: October 2 to January 8 Where: Bull Creek District Park, 6701 Lakewood Dr. p>

Artist: David Goujon
Artwork: Las Piñatas
When: October 12 to November 22 Where: Edward Rendon Park Sr., 2101 Jesse E. Segovia St.

Artists: Jennifer Chenoweth and Dorothy Johnson
Artwork: The Public Sentiment Campaign
When: October 12 to November 8 Where: Dove Springs Park, 5801 Ainez Dr .; Park Mabel Davis, 3427 Parker Ln; Montopolis Park, 1200 Montopolis Dr.

When: November 9 to December 6 Where: Brentwood Park, 6710 Arroyo Seco; Beverly S. Sheffield Park, 7000 Ardath St .; Gustavo "Gus" Garcia Park, 1101 E. Rundberg Ln .; Quail Creek Park, 1101 Mearns Meadow Blvd.

When: December 7 to January 4 Where: Pickfair Park, 10904 Pickfair Dr .; Schroeter Park, 11701 Big Trail; Great Hills Park, 10801 Sierra Oaks; Riata Park, 12401 Riata Trace

Artist: Ethan Azarian
Work: Migration
When: October 15 to January 7 Where: Neighborhood Center Rosewood-Zaragosa Neighborhood Center, 2800 Webberville Rd.

Austin City Cultural Arts Division

The Art in Public Places (AIPP) program was founded in 1985. This program, through commissions, donations and loans, acquires and maintains works of art in facilities and parks. the city, for the cultural enrichment of the Austin community. Pursuant to a City Ordinance, AIPP allocates 2% of eligible financing for capital improvement projects to the purchase of works of art for specific public places. The AIPP's 30th Anniversary is celebrated in Austin in 2015, the first Texas municipality to commit to building works of art.

For more information, please visit the website www.austincreates.com.

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