The Best Love Songs of 2013-2014 | Her Campus

The Best Love Songs of 2013-2014 | Her Campus

The Best Love Songs of 2013-2014 | Her Campus

Whether your plans include a romantic dinner for two or a snuggle sesh with your single girlfriends and a pint of Ben & Jerry's, Valentine's Day is the perfect holiday to show how much you care about your loved ones. Every girl in a relationship feels some sort of pressure to find the perfect gift, but sometimes the best gifts are the simplest ones. Burning to CD full of fun and sweet love songs can be romantic and personal at the same time. For the single girls who do not need that special someone to feel happy, listening to some jams and treating yourself to a big box of chocolates might just be the Valentine's Day you need.

What are the top songs for V Day? Check out this list of love songs to make your Valentine's Day the best yet.

1. All of Me byJohn Legend

Not only is John Legend nice looking, he is also amazing to listen to. Although he might be married (sorry friends!), His song All of Me, which is dedicated to his wife, will leave you melting. His wife is even the muse for the video! How sweet is that?

2. Drunk in Love by Beyoncé featuring Jay Z

If you have not listened to Beyoncé's new visual album yet, you are missing out. "Drunk in Love", one of the many awesome tracks on the album, is not your typical power ballad. Instead, Beyoncè creates a modern twist on the "love song" by giving it an upbeat sexy vibe. It is perfect to dance with some friends!

3. Stay by Rihanna featuring Mikky Ekko

Rihanna has one of those voices that works well with both dance music and passionate slow songs. We all know she is a woman who is not afraid to strip down and show her vulnerable side. In her song "Stay," Rihanna exposes her emotions and opens up her heart, which is something we all can learn from.

4. Story of My Life by One Direction

5. Give Me Love by Ed Sheeran

If you love the rawness of Ed Sheeran's voice then you might just get butterflies in your stomach listening to "Give Me Love." love song-romantic and original. Go listen to this now! Right now.

6. Thinkin 'Bout You by Frank Ocean

One word. Falsetto. Frank Ocean's vocal range is dreamy enough as it is, but it takes it to a new level with the lyrics of this song. I do not know about you, but I'd sure like him to think about me forever.

7. Everything Has Changed by Taylor Swift featuring Ed Sheeran

When Taylor's album Red was released a little while ago, this immediately became my favorite track. Her collaboration with Ed Sheeran is amazing, and the video is super sweet. It will make you miss your first kindergarten crush!

8. Treasure by Bruno Mars

Who would not want to feel like Bruno Mars' treasure? The fun part about this song is how Bruno's lyrics are so effortless and nonchalant. When listening, you will be swept up by your affectionate words and you will probably want to dance at the same time. Do not be ashamed to get your groove on.

9. Same Love by Macklemore

With our generation we see change, love, acceptance and Macklemore. This song has been a long time coming. Promoting the idea that "love is love," Macklemore only sings about what he believes and the real issues that society faces today. Passion is sexy, and boy is Macklemore passionate.

10. Wanted by Hunter Hayes

"Wanted" encompasses everything a girl yearns to hear from her better half. The song is almost like a beautifully written love letter, and I would not be surprised if you've had dreams of Hunter singing it while you gazing into your eyes. It's the perfect romantic song for Valentine's Day.

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