This is an open letter addressed to my former best friend

This is an open letter addressed to my former best friend

This is an open letter addressed to my former best friend

Finding a best friend is not just about anything. She will have a transcendental role in your life, it will be who accompanies you in the happiest moments but also will be your support in the bad rages. That's why not anyone who goes through your life can be considered a 'best friend'.

I had met my best friend forever, or at least those I thought. I met her in high school, and we share unforgettable moments. She was like my sister, only from another mother. Everything was perfect between us, but one day, it was not anymore. I do not know if it was the many occupations that life brought us, or simply that each one followed a different path, but there are so many things that I want you to know, that I have decided to make this letter to you.

I miss you . I miss the text messages we sent about anything stupid that happened in our lives. I miss the way people asked me where you were when you did not go with me because everyone knew that we could not leave without the other. I miss laughing with you at all our jokes. I miss sending us embarrassing Snapchats and our video calls from the bathroom. I miss that at one glance we knew exactly what we were thinking. I also miss your family and the way you used to know about every event that happened to them. I miss knowing you were always there for me, to support me, no matter how bad the situation might be. I always knew you would be there. I miss my favorite person, my other half ... my best friend.

I am angry with us for letting our friendship become this. What happened to us? How do we stop seeing each other? How could we not realize in time that this was ending? I am angry with us because we did not fight harder for the friendship we had. We were not like most friends. It was a friendship that neither you nor I expected that one day could have an end. We were against the world, and now we are nothing. I'm upset with us because we let our friendship become nothing but memories.

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This is an open letter addressed to my former best friend

I'm sad because I do not know where to go from now on. I do not know what to say. Really nothing happened so everything has changed, so how to solve it ?, what can I do with this terrible yearning that you do not go ?, how can I avoid the terrible feeling of knowing that you will never call me anymore? How can we find a solution that will restore our friendship with the same ease with which we separate?

I am afraid that we can not fix things and in the end it has not been forever. I'm afraid that from now on you are no longer part of my life. That when I hug my friends at my graduation, you're not there. I'm afraid that when I do my first opening party in my new apartment, you're not helping me with the preparations. That when I arrived the day of my wedding, look around and among all the multitude your face is not there. But what scares me the most is that it does not even bother you. I'm afraid that maybe you have not even noticed my absence, or that maybe you just do not care. I'm afraid to know that you've already replaced me. I am afraid that you do not remember our friendship with love as I do. That our lack of future does not hurt as much as it hurts me. I'm afraid you will not miss me as much as I miss you.

I do not know what the future holds, but if I know one thing: I will never find a friend like the one I found in you.

Thanks for everything. I miss you more than I ever thought.

I wish you all the best, your former best friend.

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