Vanessa's pies

The base where the cake goes has to go to play and has to be decorated so that the set looks professional.

The decoration can be made of f ondant or rubber eva .

How to decide on one or the other? so easy ...

If the base is going to go the same color as the cake or some part of the cake then better than the decores de fondant < / b>, so you make sure that the color is coincident.

If the base decoration is textured: wood, grass, earth ... then also you will have to be able to give it the texture.

However, when the base goes in another color or in black or white with rubber eva , this material is economical, washable and sanitary approved, you just have to wash it with soap and water from the dishes, dry it and ready, you cut it from the size and shape of the base and you look perfectly fine, Also, if you stain while decorating the cake, you can wash it easily.

Then, to finish the base, always put a tape around, or a Washi tape. you add to the cake always well done , use cutters to make circles (do not laugh at me) seen every thing out there ...), stars or make templates.

Silicone molds are going very well if you are not very good with modeling or you are just starting out and also save time, add textures.

Decorations with edible paper are another option, is easy to use, economical and looks great. Try that the fondant of the decorations is not too thick and there is harmony in the colors.

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