Very Gaby

This is a post. Upload my Instagram photos. Mea culpa! But somehow, I want to show you some of the things I did during these last months when I was away here. In this I walked ...

This is the beginning of a shawl of several that I knitted on request. The client actually wanted them as pareos (the pattern is the same and you find it here) so they would be a two in one, right?

This top I made with a pattern of Susimiu. Super simple. I handed it to a store. I think it's already sold out.

For the first time, an own cactus gave me a flower and look at that flower !! I'm still amazed.

Another shawl I told you about.

Also in white.

These are flowers for a pareo. The finished I do not have it because the client was going to combine it with fabric details. When I have a photo, I upload it.

A square. Tejí two and I made a little remerita. I have it ready but I did not take time to take photos.

Delighted with my succulents. This is good for seasons. I care a lot because I was sensitive: P

A sucu growing !!!!

One of my favorite plants. It bloomed!

My second Bear Frederick of Picapau.

A little more advanced.

She and her sensual pose.

It was raining a lot, very much these days and I have radioactive green on my plants: p>

This little flower is crazy to me. You get a "little star" from the center ♥

A little girl's baby slippers. I morphed those little feet !!

And for the biggest girl a bear Federico ♥

I bought this book. Because among several of my purposes for next year, is to put the batteries with the order in my house. I want to stop ordering and the second is all spinning again grrrrrr!

I finished my second Picapau. ♥

This 2016 was a strange year for me. It happened to me very fast! It scares a little, honestly.

I want 2017 to come full of health and inner peace.

Let us learn to love ourselves more.

Let us forgive our hearts.

And let us enjoy the little moments of happiness with our loved ones.

Thank you for reading!

Very big kiss !!!

© Very Gaby by Maira Gall

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