12 Fantastic ideas for transforming and reusing plastic bottle cases - rolloid

12 Fantastic ideas for transforming and reusing plastic bottle cases - rolloid

12 Fantastic ideas for transforming and reusing plastic bottle cases - rolloid

The truth is that with the naked eye does not seem like much can be done with a typical plastic box that are often used to store bottles. But the reality is quite different, and with a little imagination there are many DIY (Do it yourself) ideas that can be carried out with this simple object.

Precious storage boxes


It is very easy to convert a plastic bottle case into a nice box to put on a shelf to store things. You just have to paint it and put a poster that in addition to decorative will serve to remember what you place inside, and ready!

Decorated with tape


If you want to convert a plastic box of bottles in a storage space for your home, you can try using this idea. Nap Time Journal teaches you how to simply get as many loops as you want and go through the holes in the box It's very easy to do and the result is great!

A beautiful box lined < / h2> Sewmanyways

It's easy to transform a simple plastic box into a nice storage basket. You only need to choose a fabric to cover it and it can add a bow, as if it were a gift. Sew Many Ways guides us step by step how to carry it out.

Storage bench


By placing a cushion on top of a milk carton you can turn it into a multifunctional bank. In addition to sitting on it, you can use it to store things inside. Refresh Living gives you the instructions on how to create this fabulous seat with built-in storage.

Baby swing


The little ones in the house will thank you immensely for this DIY idea. To carry it out you only need a plastic box and rope. You can tie it to a tree or a swing structure you already have.

Hanging bookcase

FlickrBy piling up several plastic boxes you can turn them into a very practical shelf. In them you can store whatever you want, from shoes, books ... to carton boxes. You can place it both in the living room and in a room.

Transportable Box


A great solution for storing cleaning products and transporting them from one place to another. Or as My Home My Style teaches us, we can hang them from the wall with a hook and store things in the garden.

Camping accessories


You can use a plastic bottle case for save all cooking accessories for your next camping trip. This way you will get your improvised kitchen perfectly in order and avoid losing things during the stay. Ever in Transit brings us this great idea.

Nesting Boxes

Chicken Forum

Surely you had not fallen for a plastic box to store milk could serve as nesting box for your birds. Filling it with straw will be a comfortable place where hens can lay their eggs quietly. In Chicken Forum we find more details.

As a potter


If you have a small patio, this pot will look great and will not rob you of much space. The holes in the box allow the plants to grow in different directions, which you can not get in a normal pot.

Toy Boxes


There is no better way to keep the toys tidy than by storing them in these recycled milk cartons. You can paint them of the color that you want and lining them inside with a beautiful fabric. You put a poster with the contents of the box and that's it! Everything organized thanks to the idea of ​​So You Think You Are Crafty.

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