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Agriculture in Chile is an activity that has a pre-Hispanic background in an important part of the country. The first agrarian communities settled in the present Great North, by influence of neighboring towns that inhabited what soon would be territory of Bolivia and Peru, and transmitted their knowledge towards the south, until arriving at the zone of Chiloé, shortly before the arrival of the Spanish conquistadors. Among the pre-Hispanic crops are corn, potatoes, porotos and squash. In May 1838, the National Society of Agriculture and Colonization (now SNA) was founded, the grouping the oldest trade union in Chile, which is responsible for bringing together the various sectors of agriculture and agroindustry and to ensure their interests.

The regulation of this activity depends mainly on the Ministry of Agriculture of Chile, which is the institution of the State responsible for coordinating, promoting and guiding Chile's forestry and livestock activity. According to Decree Law No. 294 of 1960, "its action will be aimed essentially at obtaining an increase in national production, conservation, protection and enhancement of renewable natural resources and improvement of the people's nutritional conditions." < / p>

Agriculture is diverse due to the geography of Chile, offering various agricultural products. These are sold and used both internally and for export. In fact, Chilean agriculture represents a large percentage of the country's exports to other nations.

The main Chilean agricultural products are:

In 2010, the twenty most important Chilean products for its value were: grapes, pork, fresh milk, chicken meat, beef, apples, tomatoes , apples, pears, wheat, peaches and nectarines, kiwis, plums and sloes, potatoes, eggs, turkey meat, cherries, pears, green corn, almonds and onions.

Agriculture is everywhere in Chile, but the fruits and vegetables are not all together only in one sector of Chile there can be more than 20 harvests of frutas.Las vegetables are the main are: garlic and onions

In the same year, Chile was among the twenty major world producers of lupines (1st), avocados (2nd), kiwis (3rd), hemp fiber (4th), plums and sloes (5th), jute-like fibers (6 Grapes (7), peaches and nectarines (8), turkey meat (8), fiber and linen tow (9), apples (10), oats (10) (10), cherries (10), artichokes (11), or (14 °), pears (14 °), green maize (15 °), horse meat (15 °), lemons and limes (16 °), almonds (16), beeswax (17), strawberries (17), lettuce and chicory (17) and leguminous vegetables (20).

In recent years it has been tried to boost the agri-food industry in order to make Chile a power of this sector by 2010.

In recent years, agricultural technology has grown significantly thanks to the impulse of foreign companies, such as is the case of Monsanto.

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