Binary Solitudes

Several sparks of darkness came out of the light, which mute all childhood, which later would take refuge in the vast network of sewers that existed in the basement of the city.

light was provoked by immense binary-digit streams, which combined into the incredible bet of fun that had come with the marketing on the planet of a console, by an apparent, multimedia company.

Darkness saw the eyes of the progenitors clinging to such traitorous artificial paradises. Many of them remembered with nostalgia, that wonderful time when the kivis came to the municipal markets of the villages of the whole country, remembered the curious way to sell them, by units, not by weight as the rest of fruits, was a remarkable product, special, innovative, hopeful.

The children did not believe the incredible definition of the image of the game console, it was compared a card for each application, you could move to Jamaican and play reggae on the beach with Peter Tosh and Bob Marley and take a friend of Michael Jordan, get into the cross fire of the Iraqi guerrillas in the midst of the Iraq war, you could even supplant Mickey Rourke in the 9 1/2 week shoot and touch her tits to Basinger.

After an aggressive global marketing campaign, the different media sales soared exponentially. The parents, more and more removed from the children, sent them to bed, with arguments, earlier and for no apparent reason. At first they hid their incipient addiction.

From the Laboratories of Advanced Real Psychological Studies (LEPRA), they congratulated each other on the great challenge achieved and thanked the team of programmers for introducing a chip that disables electronic circuits after 90 days of putting in

The success of the operation had been resounding!

Applying therapies, in continuous sessions on the game console, prisoners in the country would need a 40% less annual budget and the level of conflict would fall to zero, they would have to refine social reintegration, learning and re-education programs in family, work and social behavior, but the prospects were inexhaustible.

following the experiment, they implemented the therapies in three of the largest penitentiaries of the state, contrasting the results, they realized that they were the expected ones and the euphoria accompanied them in their companies, in the three months the following programs expanded the program to all prisons in the country by flooding them with the most advanced technology ever created for education.

Reports on the uplifting experiment filled newspaper and internet pages and radio and television spaces, shoot crime out of prisons. The reminiscence of that eternal happiness promised to them by the machine and usurped at 90 days, blinded the crowd, thirsting to connect to the inorganic prosthesis that amplified the state of well-being.

plunged into chaos, 80% of adults went crazy, leaving the underprivileged who, if they did not want to be victims of the most unfortunate fate, had to hide. Many clustered in tribes, and made of the sewers and their passages, their world. Together they fought against any danger that lurked and they hoped to create a better home.

The LEPRA has long been stormed and was a grotesque collection of empty rooms, with cables hanging from all the windows. Crops were scarce everywhere, and the youngest ones remembered, with tears in their eyes the sweet taste of that fruit and as it came for the first time from the Zelandas, if there is a new one there must be the old woman.

adult was annihilated almost entirely, the richest starved, in steel fortresses and armored glass, connected 24 hours to the machine. Elitist hospitals endured sieges for a long time, but they also succumbed to the mad hordes, who, trying to get caught up in the momentary pleasure of the latest consoles, snatched away the dying inhabitants of those clinics, where doctors and nurses lived on the serum that some of them remembered to change With the drop by drop of the proteins, vitamins and sugars prolonged that arid happiness deleterious. They were the last redoubts, which powered by diesel generators, manufactured the last kilowatts that fed the consoles. Like everything that existed, it had to be.

The shops where the kivis sold were closed for lack of genre or madness of the owner just like all civilized life, as we know it. They were very hard years for the young people, who once destroyed everything and already with the freedom of not living crowded underground, died of hunger or disease. The computer science was destroyed and the times were appeased without haste.

The sages of the place were suspicious of the fruit, there was a very old legend that said that the great destruction of the planet, the depression of the consoles, had begun with the introduction of that sweet and green fruit.

On my part, I will continue eating kiwis with you, cut them in half and small tablespoons will taste the sweetness of its flavor. And if you leave me when you are sick, I will write another story of kivis and in love, which reminds us on a Saturday, when in our bed we ate together that fruit and again we hoped to be very happy. Maybe together, maybe not, but they will be for the rest of our lives the fruit that will make us return the illusion.

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