Bird - meaning of bird dictionary

Bird - meaning of bird dictionary

Bird - meaning of bird dictionary

1 .

s. m. ZOOLOGY A name given to birds capable of flying and of small size.

2 . HUNT Partridge male used as a claim.

3 . colloquial Penis, male sexual organ.

4 . adj. m. colloquial Crafty and rogue man you must fear birds like him.

5 . s. m. colloquial Man who excels in some matter is a bird in the business world.

6 . Spider-bird ZOOLOGY A passeriform bird of the order of the climbers, in bright crimson color, short tail and long and curved beak, living on cliffs and very high cliffs. treparriscos

7 . bird bitango GAMES Comet, toy.

8 . silly bird ZOOLOGY Own palm bird of the polar regions, with black and compressed beak, black back and white chest and belly.

9 . donkey bird ZOOLOGY Rabihorcado, bird.

10 . woodpecker ZOOLOGY Insectivorous bird, with black plumage with some white spots on the wings and neck, long and thin but very strong beak, with which the logs pierce.

11 . Common bird colloquial Person who should treat with caution because it can be dangerous care, which is a bird count.

12 . bird of the sun ZOOLOGY Bird of paradise, exotic bird of exuberant plumage.

13 . bird of ill omen colloquial Gafe, person with bad luck.

14 . devil bird ZOOLOGY Raven, bird passerifome.

16 . fly bird ZOOLOGY Hummingbird, passerine bird.

17 . bird moscon ZOOLOGY The gray and brown, with long tail and black mask, chestnut back and white belly, its nest is shaped like a hanging bag and lives near swamps, gaps and currents.

18 . child bird ZOOLOGY Silly bird, polar bird.

19 . Moth bird ZOOLOGY Kingfisher, bird.

20 . Solitary or crazy bird ZOOLOGY Bird of dark and black bluish plumage on the wings and brown on the tail, which feeds on insects and nests on the towers and crevices of the rocks.

21 . silly bird ZOOLOGY Passeriform bird that makes its nests on the ground and is allowed to catch easily.

22 . trapaza bird ZOOLOGY Insectivorous bird that nests in the earth and has reddish plumage, with the breast, abdomen and white sides.

23 . Hunt the bird HUNT Reclaim the partridges with the lure.

24 . kill two birds with one shot colloquial Meet two goals at once.

25 . jump the bird from the nest colloquial Escape a person from the place where he was thought to find him.

26 . Have a head full of birds colloquial Being unwise and fantasizing a lot.


m. zool. Name given to all bird species and esp. to those of the order of passeriformes.

bird fly or resurrected Hummingbird.

moscow bird Passeriform bird (Remiz pendulinus), with gray, reddish plumage, with head white and a black mask.

adj.-s. fig. Díc. of the astute, sagacious and cautious person.

bird of account fig. Person who, due to their conditions or value, must be treated with caution or with respect.

fat bird fig. and fam. Person of great importance or very wealthy. >

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