CRM landing - Dynamics & amp; Office 365

CRM landing - Dynamics & amp; Office 365

CRM landing - Dynamics & amp; Office 365

Toni Granell - Quonext CRM & amp; Cloud Manager

This morning, in the Expo area of ​​the EMEA Summit in Amsterdam, I had the opportunity to speak with Marco Amoedo, current MBS Director of HCL, a small company which manages, among others, the brand and range of Power Objects products. I think there are about 120,000 employees, the typical Spanish SME in the ICT sector ...

Marco was the first Spanish CRM MVP, although he worked outside Spain, in different projects. The second MVP was Daniel Sabater, with whom I was working since the end of 2004, with CRM 1.2.

Marco explained the progress that they are making with Azure IOT, in fact at the Power Objects stand show a series of sensors that connect with Azure to transmit data, as seen in the following photograph, with Frame in first term:

You know that there are in my veins drops of jacobina blood, and that my side In the conversation with Marco, he explained that in 2006, with Daniel Sabater, we connected with CRM an instrument designed by the Catalan company Techideas, which was part of the Renault F1 with which Fernando Alonso won his two world championships. This instrument transmitted the telemetry data in real time using technology ... . GPRS !! And let's connect it with CRM 3.0, which is what I had ...

The experience was as enriching as it was ruinous, since no customer had any interest in adopting our solution. There were times when IOT was not yet talked about, if I remember correctly the first time I heard the term was the following year at the Internet Global Congress of Barcelona.

Azure enables the natural way of receiving data, data and more data.

But as I commented to my colleague of Quonext Miguel Llorca, NAV MVP (doctor Llorca for friends) p>

The decontextualized data is nothing more than data ... It is necessary that the data be contextualized to generate information, and the information contributes knowledge.

IoT is spoken, but I prefer to talk about CfT (CRM for Things). CRM, the star of the Dynamics 365 family. It is the invisible friend that allows automating contextualization in an unattended way. In this way, using the native characteristics and without having to carry out any type of programming, it is possible to apply a change in the approach of the way of working that brings greater efficiency and productivity. It is not the people who have to look for the information in the systems, it is the information that should contact the users when, for any type of change of state in the same, it is necessary their intervention.

That is, the user must be "subscribed" to the information through actions triggered by the systems, and must interact with means much more efficient than electronic mail, the biggest asynchronous annoyance and the one that penalizes the productivity by the misuse that of he is usually done ...

I will also continue in future articles in depth on the subject and counting battles ...

... and all thanks to the intenné ...

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