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SUMMARY. Maerwald was a disappointment and the place is infested with spirits - but then Neria rescues a dog, and Eder decides that Caed Nua might not be so bad, after all. NOTES. prompt from @ rannadylin for the pillars fic swap!
LINKS. [ao3] [neria's tag]

It was raining the next morning - because of course it was - and that was the second thing Eder noticed when he awoke . He was sore, and he was stiff, and sleeping on the rubble-covered floor of Caed Nua's ruined inn did not help, especially given the state he'd been in after the battle with Maerwald the day before;

The first thing I noticed was that morning, directly before taking note of the patter of rain on the wooden roof, had been the yelling that was coming from outside - yells that sounded like lot their Watcher, who was missing from the tired group huddled in the inn. She did not sound hurt or panicked; there was a loud whoop! over the drumming rain, and Eder assumed that even if there had been trouble, Neria had it well in hand.

Still, he has pulled himself to his feet and went to investigate, groaning a bit as he rolled his shoulders to loosen up. The front door of the inn opened with a drawn out creak, and Eder stepped just outside to stand under the small overhang on the inn's roof, managing to stay mostly dry as he watched Neria.

She perplexed him, their Watcher. She was one of the godlike, one touched by Berath, with a mask-like growth that veiled her eyes and a halo of shadow that framed her like a mane of curls; common superstition would label her a curse, an ill-omen, but Neria stood in the shop than an orlan and had a wide grin that was more mischievous than malevolent. She was filled with a boundless energy, with a disdain for war but a love of the fight, and there was nothing anyone could say or change her mind once she'd made it.

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