Ken Currie. Taking a Life mask, II (2010)

I have several friends and acquaintances, both sexes and different measures, who think I should stop wearing a mask and dedicate myself to write about feelings and emotions. They think I write about human idiocy and other bad rolls, just for making me the hard one. But they are wrong. This blog is called "The anhedonic rant" and not "The diabetic whisperer" for something. I'm not interested in human sensibility, I'm not interested in losing an irretrievable time, exalting the benefits of optimism, or becoming poetic, lyrical and ñoño. To live is a dementia, at least as we do for 60,000 years, that is, putting our interest before the rest of living beings.

Anyone of us - those who applaud to ecstasy welfare consumerist society of this class and decadent society - we could have been born in any town in Zambia, Zimbabwe or Angola. And instead of eating three times a day, sirloins and Mero, we would be satisfied with a bit of earth marinated with a few black insects and horrifying aspect. We have had the (bad) luck of being conceived in a continent where it is only important to follow leaders and to collect possessions, an act to which we surrender ourselves with an overwhelming dedication and dedication.

On the walls of my room, many masks hang. Most are very old, dusty and rarely used. That does not mean that in some moments my benign, affable, indulgent or well-intentioned part does not appear. But I try to keep her under pressure. And I will not release it until the last of the idiots, kings or gods are exterminated. Because true happiness can not be achieved simply by believing yourself happy and looking the other way. Everything is crap, and unlike flies, which lay their eggs in it to try to perpetuate the species, we, you, I, he, she, they, or them, happily rejoice in the fecal waste because we have been designed exclusively for that abject need.

Hunger, poverty, war, violence, discrimination, disease, extermination. Are animals, plants, or even rocks to blame for our innate evil and perverse intentions? We deserve what is happening to us, which is nothing more than a slow and unworthy end, full of misfortunes, shortages and hardship. "Each step seems to be the inevitable consequence of the previous one, and at the end is glimpsed with increasing clarity, total annihilation" (Einstein)

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