gardening machinery

gardening machinery

gardening machinery

It's Saturday, June 4; I am in the garden with my brushcutter, I make all the edges visible and the garden has another look but I need to finish with the scrubs from the back, but it has been late and I have not started to start the barbecue. Well I'll finish clearing tomorrow. So I leave the brush cutter in the garage.

In the afternoon my brother calls me and invites me to eat on Sunday. And well on Sunday I do not weeding. The truth is that the garden does not look so bad.

My wife is angry with me, the brushcutter has fallen from the wall where it was supported and has given to the car. So I pick it up and put it in the "eyes that do not see" room.

The problem is that one week after another I do not find time to finish clearing the bushes, when I pick up the brushcutter, month.

What has happened in your 2-stroke engine this month?

Inside the tank the mixture especially the oil has lost some of its ability to lubricate. >

The air filter had some grease from the vapors emitted by the engine, at the same time the dust that generated the work mixed with that grease has obstructed part of the air filter making the flow to the motor is

The mixture that remained in the carburetor has dried up leaving residues of that mixture on all the walls and elements of the carburetor.

Something similar has happened in the spark plug a small layer of gasoline and oil has become trapped in the electrodes.

And when you restart it?

Depending on how new or old it may be to the machine and the times that you have kept it well, it is logical to think that it will cost you more to start the machine. Both the air and the spark that the spark plug makes are no longer the ones that would have to be.

If you take advantage of the mixture that is still in storage, you also risk being seized.

What about time?

- When you finish working, empty the tank mixture and save it in a container in which you can mark the date. (I do not advise you to give it a life of more than two weeks).

- Once the tank is empty, it starts the machine again, and lets it go off by itself.

- With a clean cloth the air filter (if you have better compressed air)

Ahhhh I forgot ...

Quick advice, in the first use leave half a tank working at idle with a mixture a little richer than the manufacturer marks you. You should know that the richer the mixture the more sense it has to save the machine as I have explained to you.

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