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The colors of this way enchant, in inhospitable places you find surprises, the silence is broken by the flights of birds, a tranquility that allows a pause and gives a parenthesis to a life full of activities, places inhabited that seem stopped in the time, but that they are maintained thanks to the family effort, to embrace the local resources in a sustainable way in the time.

The Town of Los Choros and Caleta Punta de Choros remain in the commune of La Higuera, in the IV region of Coquimbo, Chile. To get to these places, you must first get to La Serena, you can take a bus from Santiago that takes aprox 6 hours, plane that takes 1 hr and a little more, or by car on route 5 north. There are no buses that take a direct route.

In La Serena you should take Route 5 north and then continue the road for 114 kms in the sector Trapiche (about 1 hour from La Serena) take a deviation to the west. It is a place that I remember with a lot of affection since many summers we went in tent with the family, its solitary beaches with Turquoise waters and white sands were a must. At that time, the road was half sand, so arriving at this place was a real odyssey, you do not currently need a 4 × 4 vehicle to enjoy these places.

In order to go to the island you should check with the fishermen in the cove for the boats that transport to it, usually leave early and know the night before if they can leave the next day.

On the way to the island you can see dolphins, whales, different types of seabirds.

Other animals such as foxes and guanacos, it is possible to see along the road and it is advisable NOT to feed.

This ecological area with high biodiversity is currently threatened by mining projects and port infrastructure, which could radically change its a privileged situation in relation to polluting threats, one of the most serious campaigns in this respect is the NGO Oceana, I leave the link for those who are interested here

We decided to move to a new destination the next day as there was a lot of wind and continue along dirt roads to the north, direction Chañaral creek a smaller creek than the previous one, with a growing tourist activity, is a spot of whale watching and a sector where you can see numerous birds, eat a bit fried ladder but we arrived early, we went again by the route C500 towards Carrizalillo, we followed the route we met with these curious. By this way you have to walk carefully, they are roads in good condition, however you can find them.

It is recommended at this point a 4 × 4, a choice to take at this time has to see to venture to a path that can have events or go directly by road and reach Freirina, Huasco and then the Llanos de Challe National Park which was our final destination.

We continue our journey through the interior, at the beginning it is indicated, but with the floods of the year 2015 were still cut some roads, and we returned several times to find the right one, google maps did not have it indicated, this path has paths in good and bad condition.

On this road you can see some tailings in which people still work, houses on the top of a hill where you look around and there is nothing more at least in 15 kms, some aguiluchos, several guanacos, a cemetery, an abandoned cobalt, some mining pikes, which express the intermittent movement of the sector, in a remote place full of stories of great effort, winding roads, ending in a straight road that reaches Freirina.

The signal is lost, we sent several times to the tip of the hill literally. Locals manage these roads without the need for google maps, and they can give you references if they are lucky and find some in their path.

The next part of the way from Freirina to Huasco is paved, Llanos de Challe National Park, we must continue before Huasco by the route c470, by the way to Huasco low, this road paved, continues until some signs that warn us that we are near our destination, we want to see the claw of Leon, plant endemic to the place, the best time however to go to this park is after a few rainy months, as it is in this park you can observe in its splendor the flowery desert, maybe some year.

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