Homemade Chicken Cubes / Chicken Bouillon.

Homemade Chicken Cubes / Chicken Bouillon.

Homemade Chicken Cubes / Chicken Bouillon.

From a chicken broth to a chicken or bird bottom to a chicken or cube concentrate.

Let's start by defining each one of them to be clear the process that takes us from one thing to another, very simple without complications.

Broth is the cooking fluid of vegetables, meat or fish.

Bottom is basically the same but with one preparation slower and longer resulting in a more concentrated product and more intense flavor.

and the cubes or bouillon are much more concentrated and presented tablets in the form of cubes or granules usually need to be dissolved in a liquid.

OK, Now to what we are reading the labels of the chicken cubes, X mark, I wondered if it really is all there say, in addition to preservatives, and highlighters flavor, yeast and others that I do not know how to pronounce, says among other things the ingredients, I already wear the glasses to read the small letters, and now if the which I can easily recognize, vegetable oil, rice flour, sugar, chicken meat and fat, onions, turmeric, cilantro, and spice mix.

Well it is not very difficult to understand these ingredients so I decided to do some searches on the web and I actually read many recipes on how to make homemade chicken cubes, so I came up with the idea of ​​very complicated, and I made my version not too distant from the others the procedure is almost the same but change some steps and ingredients that did not seem necessary, like adding extra fats, sugar, highlighters, preservatives, etc. and this is my result that in my opinion they are FABULOUS and healthier. the truth has nothing to envy to the commercial neither in flavor nor in appearance.

Easy SI, long SI.



Cilantro Seeds

Garlic powder


Bay leaf.

1.- Wash and remove traces of fat, skin or visors that may be left in the chicken carapachos.
2.- Cut the vegetables roughly.
3.- Place the carapachos and vegetables in a pot and filled with water to cover then add 4 more fingers of water above the bones. (it is not very professional this way of giving measures but it is the form that I have to explain them to you depending on your pot and the amounts that you have put of ingredients to him;)

4.- the spices we leave them for the final. do not add yet, cook over high heat until it starts to boil gurgling then lower the flame to a minimum and cover.
5.- From time to time uncover and clarify the broth, remove impurities that float on the broth. 6.- Let it reduce until it is sufficiently concentrated but still with liquid and the bones have been discarded a little.
7.- turn off and let the temperature drop, then remove all the bones. .- thoroughly liquefy all the meat and vegetable remains, pass through a very fine sieve or strainer and extract the largest amount of liquid. (Do not throw leftover solids, it was an excellent smear for the food of my puppies and cats.) 9.- Bring the liquid after pouring it into a pot and cook it again now if you add the spices and let reduce until you have a creamy consistency

10.- at this point we can empty the contents in ice cubes that have been bought only for the purpose of the kitchen and to make ice so as not to contaminate the ice with the taste of food.

NOTE: After they are frozen, they are ready to be removed from the iceboxes and placed in sealed bags and kept in the freezer and used to season and flavor soups, rice, sauces, creams, and whatever they come up with.

So you have two choices of frozen or dehydrated homemade cubes, healthier and tastier, without excess fat, without sugar or salt.

I hope you put this recipe into practice that is very interesting to make and now no

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