How to attract birds, over all horneros and hummingbirds to my garden? | Yahoo Answers

Hello Franco: Your intention should certainly be noble, but unfortunately what you are proposing is not ideal. It is not good for wild animals to become accustomed to depending on the human being, much less to lose the instinctive fear that they have for their good, because just as you will do to enjoy their beauty and trines, these birds interpret for your attitude that the human being in general is his friend and as one who says "lower your guard" and trust in the rest of the men. Unfortunately, not everyone thinks like you, and they do not harbor your same feelings, and there is no shortage of the soulless who take advantage of that confidence to capture or hurt them. Think about it, but if you persist in your attempt, try not to be present when they are feeding in your yard, so they do not associate with you with food. In any case, the horneros can leave them a few pieces of balance for kittens hydrated with warm water, or finite strips of cow's heart. Please bear in mind my recommendations.

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