I was 10 days without eating, and you can not imagine why ... - I'm Alejandra López

I was 10 days without eating, and you can not imagine why ... - I'm Alejandra López

I was 10 days without eating, and you can not imagine why ... - I'm Alejandra López

Hello family! UFF. Until now writing about this experience, but it is necessary to share it on my blog. Well in early November I decided to take a challenge: DO NOT EAT FOR 10 DAYS !!

Everything is explained in the following video. But I'm really shocked at everything that happened after this challenge. I will not tell you the same thing as in the video. So I leave it first so you can see it, they are two parts.

Clarification: In these 10 days of not eating solid food, I was nourishing my body as it should, with delicious recipes of the same challenge . Thank you, nothing.

In these two and a half months that have passed after the challenge, you can not imagine the changes I have had. This challenge was an awesome turn in the way I eat and simply a change from the inside out, dragging my family a little (obviously with good and healthy changes).

want to eat animals Is incredible. Just like that. I can not believe it because I used to eat everything I used to. Now I moved on to a delicious vegan / crudivegano lifestyle. I started little by little according to me ... although my friends tell me that it was not little by little haha, that I became a vegan overnight.

I think I'm going to do another video talking about all this, because the truth has been a roller coaster. I just want to share some of the rich and delicious life of a vegan. Sometimes we think it is very limited, we only eat salads and liqueurs, but there is so much to choose and so much to learn, which I think is one of the reasons why I really liked this lifestyle. Apart from that I can eat as many portions as I want and I do not feel heavy, nor tired, and everything is completely healthy. #loveit

Some people say that it is HIGHLY NECESSARY to eat meat protein and all that. But in reality ... each of us works differently. If there are people who can not live without flesh, well, do not leave it. But if there are people like me, who feel 100% alive and more energetic to have left the meats, I think it is the best decision that can be taken.

I share some of the crudiveganos dishes that I I have prepared. From tacos and burritos to hamburgers and spaguetti. And it should be said that what you are about to see are raw fruits and vegetables! More than impressive (at least for me it was).

Soon I will be making videos about these delicious recipes in my YouTube channel. So I recommend that you subscribe by doing CLICK HERE . It's free !!

Likewise, I've been eating delicious vegan food. What is the difference between these two? The crudivegana food, as I mentioned, is pure raw fruits and vegetables (including pulses, etc.). vegan food is a step forward of the vegetarian; because we do not eat any type of animal, nor its derivatives (like milk, cream, cheese, yogurt, etc.). Of course, everything is replaced by other things and we eat as we should

Vegan pasta (replaced with potato in noodles) Restaurant salad Cream of corn, rice and vegetable

I am super happy and grateful that all this new information came into my life. Right now I am reading a book on the 80/10/10 Diet. It's a crudivegana diet that ... it's not really diet, it's a lifestyle. Because in the diets you restrict yourself from things. All this I'm doing is not about not eating. If not, on the contrary, to eat more, simply living a healthier lifestyle in every way.

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