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Today I get the inspiration even through the pores, and it is that I have always been this way, ingenious, creative, imaginative, something simple and common I do a thousand things, only that last mind, I left that creativity aside, and it is that now other thoughts invade my mind, in fact in my old house in Virginia, had a small space dedicated at the entrance of my room to all those creatives that came out of my mind, had a lot of material in pretty boxes of those European type vintage with ornaments in Paris, Italy as you really enjoyed those moments alone in my room on an autumn morning so to speak, I also enjoyed making designs of swarovski crystal and silver jewelry such as earrings, necklaces and bracelets that I later wore to my work so that my friends could see them and fall in love with those unique pieces made by me and bought them, also in the basement of my house I had many boxes with books, scissors, deco paper, sometimes I used to go down and open all those boxes to look for material and start with the new creations.

And it's not that I do not live well or not happy, of course not, I really am very well, personally, I just do not know, I feel that I need to do something satisfactory in my life, and I know that I have to look for it and do it to feel fully and completely well, this morning while I was having breakfast, I listened in the morning program a report about being happy with what you do, that you live agusto and not that you live in distress and spend your whole life with that anguish of tomorrow, but that all that has to achieve oneself, for example a girl came out saying that her passion is singing, but that her father had told her that singer would starve, so I studied law degree, something that she does not like it, only that career if she gave her a good job and money, but says that deep down she does not feel fulfilled or happy, because her dream frustrated by the song has her prey in her life.

haha ​​I started with the subject of the imagination and end on the other hand j aja usually happens to me, lastly I walk in the clouds, well let's continue with what we were, I said that I know that I have many things to exploit from me, I know that I can get hidden talent that I bring for there, as many of you already know I love photography, but I know I have a lot more to learn, last time I left the camera aside, when I lived in Virginia I left in the morning or afternoon with camera in hand and photographed until the fly that was passing in computer had hundreds of pictures of insects, flowers, villages, villages, trees, cities, animals, but now I do not have any of that because they stole my computer with thousands of photos that I will never recover :(

Here I leave some blogs of which I recommend a lot to visit since they are a delight to read them, a thousand thanks for continuing here and to visit and read my colorful blog;)

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