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Another cannabis, which has caused a lot of controversy and varied opinions about its use and consumption, is another of the bees that are part of the beauties of nature.

There are those who motivate or excuse the use of marijuana, while others try to discourage it. In fact, smoking marijuana is not an action that is "bad or good," since every human being is free to decide what he or she prefers for life and what he or she wants to become.

the main point is to know the plant and make an objective assessment of what it entails to smoke it or use it, considering its advantages and disadvantages, valuing the perspective from which it is chosen, discarded or maintained its use.

What is Cannabis?

Cannabis sativa is the name given to the plant whose leaves and fruits are marijuana. This can be smoked pure or mixed. Hashish is the resin that secretes the plant.

For thousands of years this plant has been cultivated as a source of textile fiber to manufacture clothing, clothing, rope, etc., and as seed oil and food (in the case of species without THC or hemp content, which produces in the brain a hormone associated with the effects of pleasure or enjoyment, an element known as " molecule of happiness ".

The content of THC or psychoactive element in a" joint "ranges from 2 to 10 mg, from which 50% is absorbed by inhalation and another 25% is expelled with smoke The effects of smoking cannabis appear from 0.05 mg per kilo of weight, and due to its disharmonious consequences in the body, it is one of the few plants whose cultivation has been restricted or even prohibited in many countries. >

What happens when marijuana is smoked?

The effects it causes are (some considered to be medicinal benefits):

• Disinhibition. it is relaxing
• It prevents nausea and vomiting
• It stimulates appetite (appetizer effect), and invigorates the patient
• Acts as a bronchodilator
• Creators as painters, writers, etc., helps them • Act in behavior giving security
• Mitigates labor pain and menstruation
• Reduces discomfort from radiation and chemotherapy
• Has proven effective in detoxification and rehabilitation cures about these drugs. In medicine, it is used to treat certain conditions such as: • Asthma
• Anorexia
• Depressions
• Glaucoma (increased intraocular pressure
• Chiropractic side effects (nausea, loss of appetite and discomfort
• Epilepsy, spasms and seizures
• Dolores
• Cancer
• Dependence on and alcohol.

What causes frequent use of Cannabis?

In medicine, controlled and supervised use of certain medicines has been authorized. However, people who smoke frequently and without control may be motivated for several reasons: • To calm anxiety or to feel more relaxed in order to be able to express oneself. • Fade pressure of their body and nervous system, which relaxes them and causes them a pleasant sensation. • To have some kind of spiritual contact. • How a ceremonial means or create altered states of consciousness.

p> Many people who smoke cannabis often find it an effective (but temporary) means to free themselves of internal pressures or emotions such as anxiety or fear. Perhaps smoking a joint will come in handy from time to time, but its uncontrolled use can lead, over time, to an increasingly strong addiction.

Although its use is certainly nobler than that of other drugs such as cocaine or LSD, cannabis is no more, like any medicine or medicinal substance, a way of motivating or inciting the body in an external way than react in certain ways. Marijuana is an exogenous drug, which causes reactions in the nervous system. Smoking a joint is, when the body has become accustomed to its chemistry, a quick recourse to calm down and reduce stress, fatigue or inhibition. There are those who use it to be able to contact spiritual forces or become more sensitive to them, or to endure more hours of work shadowing the natural exhaustion of the body. She is a good friend of creators as she helps them to download the muses from the sky. When the pleasure of a smoke goes into addiction, which means that there is already a need to smoke to be inspired or to feel calm, addiction causes such consequences because the nervous system begins to depend on its daily dose, and when is not provided causes anxiety, nervousness, rebelliousness and / or aggressiveness, etc., according to the person. The addictive power causes the consumer to increase their doses little by little, often without realizing this, people are smoking more and more frequently, until they simply can not do without it and then, their nervous system begins to decline, which leads them to want to smoke more and to cause the need to smoke to dominate the person.

Is it necessary to leave Marijuana?

That depends on whether one is aware of what that he really wants in his life. Smoking cannabis may not be "bad," especially when it is done from time to time, such as eating a chocolate, etc. But if one wishes to achieve mastery over his emotional nature or creative energy without external means, and wishes to be able to relate to the experiences of life in a more complete, deep and creatively mature way, cannabis can shade this longing for that the drug, when it generates addiction, may be covering up deep feelings and creating dependency. The brain has the wonderful ability to create its own drugs and elixirs to inspire, calm down, give joy, undo, create states sublime consciousness, etc. You can choose to generate these elixirs or endogenous drugs either by external means such as drugs or by educating the brain or the mind to do it by itself, which certainly creates less dependence and a more dominated and strong mind. But all this is just a matter of choice.

How to stop smoking Marijuana, Cannabis or Porros when you are already addicted?

During a detoxification process, the body will have to get back to getting used to creating its own biochemistry to self-regulate emotionally, which takes time and patience. This is a period that requires a lot of support from friends and relatives, or from a close person who can support the process through some therapeutic technique.

Rehabilitation happens after the detoxification stage, where an alternative tool like bioenergy or comprehensive therapy works wonderfully to drive the person to a full recovery. Therapy sessions can help the person find new meaning in managing their emotions and even their mind. Spiritual guidance is also very helpful in preventing the person from returning to addiction again.

However, guidance through self-awareness and understanding of feeling is undoubtedly the most powerful tool for that the person reestablish a contact with his affective world and learn a conscious and really powerful management of the experiences of his life, and then he can avoid dependencies of all kinds to feel fuller and free.

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