Letters from German del Sol

Letters from German del Sol

Letters from German del Sol

A person as remarkable and wise as Gaston Soublette writes in his Letter to the Director of the newspaper "El Mercurio"

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Saturday, August 20

Our western civilization has failed,

> because "there are more than three billion

of human beings living in extreme poverty. Perhaps our civilization has not failed because of that. Although it is a scandal that almost half of people still live in material extreme poverty,

If you think humanity has just begun to overcome it, after 5,000 centuries of suffering it,

If there were 100 million people two centuries ago


Today there are more than 4 billion

who have their basic needs covered.

And this is no longer a matter of economics, but of ethics. How to live happily with what is available, by treating others as you would like them to be treated.

to one.

Perhaps that is why the failure of our Western civilization is, that most men

We have sunk into indifference

Letters from German del Sol
Letters from German del Sol

p> in exchange for what we have,

be these material or spiritual resources. "He's just rich, he needs to give," Goethe had said.

But, of course, it's very difficult think of giving something to others,

If you are a victim of illness, hunger or cold.

"Beauty," according to Dostoevsky, "will save the world."

Because it is such a strong revelation

of the attunement between people

And the universe beyond that,

The human heart is shaken.

Because it shows that no one can be happy

In his novel The Brothers Karamazov, an atheist, asks Prince Mischkin:

The prince says nothing,


But it goes along with an 18 year old who is dying.

And he stays with him until he dies.

The world will be saved today and forever

As long as that gesture against indifference exists.

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