Memento Mori

We have seen you, so inclined to the blood that breaks the world

in tomb and man grottoes.

Te we have heard rolling in the streets,

in the chariots full of poison that tear apart things,

on the earth made a seedbed of frightened eyes,

with all the anguish entangled in the soul,

before a wailing like wolf,

a groan of endless blood.


And a man who runs away from the land of his origin.

Only sadness sitting on your roots,

explosions and tears.

Your cry makes us flee like bees before the smoke.

Your cry full of broken souls, consumed in fevers of dismembered bodies.

We have heard you coming

for all inhuman hatred,

as a dung that fills us, as if something in his shadow grotto < / p>

Crosses in the wind and in the rivers,

Like a horse directed to nowhere,

a gallop of things loved that you are lost.

You come in the man without the world,

in the hands without nails,

We have heard you, like a drum in the chest,

in the syllables of death,

surrendered to a wind we do not feel.

A wind without god and without man,

a swirl of leaves lodged in the eyes,

human-inhuman face

before the disliked anguish .

Illustration: "Pain" by Oskar Zwintscher {1898}.

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