Mother reveals details of her daughter's rape | The New Herald

Mother reveals details of her daughter's rape | The New Herald

Mother reveals details of her daughter's rape | The New Herald

Olga Lucia Castillo could never bring to justice the men who raped her in Bogotá when she was pregnant with her daughter. Twelve years later, she is giving the battle of her life for the US military and contractor of Mexican origin who, according to her, raped her daughter at the Melgar military base to be tried.

his two daughters, now 14, were sexually abused at a military base in this city, 100 kilometers west of Bogotá in August 2007, according to a criminal complaint filed by Castillo before the Colombian prosecutor's office.

The accused are US Sgt. Michael Coen and Mexican contractor César Ruiz, who were released by the prosecution based on testimony.

There are no forensic evidence to commit them but the investigation could not advance because both were taken out of the country. They enjoyed immunity, according to Colombia's agreements with the United States.

This time Castillo does not want the crime to remain in impunity as happened in his case. Her husband left her for having been raped, she remembered bitterly. He feels anger and indignation.

"I'm not going to rest until justice is done, this should have a punishment," Castillo told El Nuevo Herald during a long interview at Melgar. p> Castillo, a handicraft seller, said she has done everything in her power to advance the process, but is frustrated because there has been no result of all her efforts.

In addition to pressing to advance the denunciation process, protested unsuccessfully before the US embassy in Bogotá to demand information on the results of the investigation and tried to explain its case in a debate in Congress last month.

On Thursday, Castillo learned that Americans do not have pending counts with justice in this country. According to the US embassy, ​​the investigation could be reopened if new evidence is found.

"Justice has mocked me," Castillo said. "What the United States wanted was for me to give up of the demand so that they did not continue to judge them. In the United States Army's Investigations Command, the case was concluded but pending "administrative proceedings," according to the spokesman for In a message sent Thursday to The New Herald, Gray said that it was not "investigative procedures" or evidence-based practice, as initially reported in the past, but could

Fearful of the reprisals that the Americans could take for their complaint, filed in September 2007, Castillo left Melgar, where he sold handicrafts and now lives in a poor state. a tenant south of Bogota, sleeping on a mattress she shares with her 12-year-old daughter. She is worried, she said, because the girl who was sexually assaulted has given herself to alcohol and has no more control over her because is living at home a friend.

Within a few days of the rape, the child attempted suicide by launching onto a busy street. A relative prevented it. The girl's life changed on the night of Sunday, August 26, 2007.

That night the sales were loose in the plaza of Melgar, a warm tourist town to the west of Bogotá, and Castillo asked his two daughters who went to another area nearby, known as the pink zone, to check if there was more public and lay there his mobile position of earrings, rings and bracelets.

A description similar to the one that followed was made by Castillo before the Colombian prosecutor's office in his complaint.

Upon entering the club the minor was approached by Coen who offered him a soda. She accepted it, but Ruiz then gave her a glass "with a yellow liquid." She said no, she could not take it because she was a minor, and [Coen] told her that I'll take it, "Castillo said. "When she took it she says that she did not own herself and that they took her by the arm and took her to where they were."

The Colombian researchers worked on a clue that when the girl entered to the nightclub in search of the bath was intercepted by Colombian adults dedicated to the business of providing women and drugs to the Americans of the nearby military base of Tolemaida.

In the group was another minor, known with the nickname of Yogurt The Nuevo Herald established that the prosecution has not taken steps to investigate the supposed band that intermedió.

Del Ace de Corazones, Coen and Ruiz took the minor to Ibiza, a contiguous bar, and then took her up in a dark glass pickup truck with CTU-046 plate on which it was transported to the nearby Colombian Air Force base (FAC).

"There they proceeded to rape her," he said. Castillo.

The girl told her mother that the next day, when she When she left, she realized that she had been locked out in an apartment at the FAC air base Germán Olano, 100 kilometers west of Bogota.

She added that later Ruiz took her there and around 10 o'clock in the morning he left it in front of the Church of St. Francis of Assisi, very close to the main square of Melgar.

When the child appeared in the house, "it was ruffled, as if it had been rolled in a pasture and did not speak," Castillo recalled.

Castillo, 36, was given the task of looking for men. A week after the events, her daughter identified them when they were moving along a street in Melgar in the same truck that was taken to the military zone.

The mother told the Colombian prosecutor that she confronted one of them, blond, blue-eyed, and he reproached her for the rape of her daughter by beating him with her fists in the chest. "He said to me: 'I know nothing, I know nothing'

"The Mexican-speaking gentleman [Ruiz] said to me, 'Yes, we violated her. and what and now what, who sent her to be such a bitch and so p ... to have such a daughter? "Castillo said.

When Castillo said he would sue them, Ruiz replied that so justice could not do anything because they have immunity.

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