Motor Show - Christmas with the world's most famous Cadillacs

Cadillac Ranch is an art piece on a farm in Amarillo, Texas, consisting of 10 antique Cadillacs (from 1949 to 1963 buried from the front.) It is permissible to carry aerosol cans and paint cars or write them Andrés O'Neill, Jr.

Andrés O'Neill, Jr My Christmas day of 2014 was very peculiar.As I mentioned in the previous article, late in December of that year I had the great opportunity to travel to Austin, Texas to try several models of Chrysler and Ram. from December 21 to 23 and with my family's half of my trip for Christmas, I decided that there was no reason to be in Puerto Rico and have to return from Austin on the 23rd. So I stayed several days there and designed a great road trip that took me to Roswell, Alamagordo and White Sands in New Mexico.

On my way back to Austin wanted to go through a place that had always interested me and made sure to include it in the route I designed. It is in Amarillo, Texas and is called Cadillac Ranch. It's kind of like a Stonehenge (the prehistoric stone monument that is in England), but made with old Cadillacs. In fact, there is in the state of Nebraska a replica of the Stonehenge made with cars and is called "Carhenge". I'll go on some other road trip.

The ten old Cadillacs that make up the Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo, Texas. As if they were an enigmatic prehistoric work, all are buried to the same point, keep the same distance from each other and have the same angle.

Many people visit Cadillac Ranch.

The origins of Cadillac Ranch go back to 1974 when a group led by three art students from the San Francisco area got cars and installed them on another lot in Amarillo. Then in 1997 it was moved to its current location on the shores of Interstate 40 in the east.

Cadillac Ranch is a free entry. Nor are there rules. There are no signs that prohibit or encourage it, but it is assumed that anyone can decorate cars with spray paint.

Assembly is something like a work of art that changes continuously because everything the one who goes there can paint what he wants on the cars. In fact, those who are going to paint, leave their cans of spray paint lying on the floor so that the next ones can continue to paint. The place is open all the time, so you can go any day at any time. It is fenced and has a gate, but no padlock or chains. People visit the place to simply take pictures, paint cars and even climb on them.

When I arrived at Cadillac Ranch it was cloudy and almost deserted. In a matter of minutes, many people arrived. Well, yes, I spent Christmas Eve in 2014 between Martians and white dunes of the material that make the gypsum board and Christmas day, visiting. the most famous Cadillacs in the world. Here is more photos:

This is the entrance to Cadillac Ranch: a simple gate that is always open and whose scaffolding people have been in charge of decorating.

The state of Texas has posted this sign banning graffiti off the premises of Cadillac Ranch. People do not pay much attention to it.

I always travel with the Puerto Rican flag inside the backpack. The photos I take you posted on my page World Project Pretty Flag.

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One of the reasons why the authors select Cadillac antique was to illustrate the evolution of the fins in the cars of the fifties. In fact. Cadillac was the brand that invented fins in automobiles.

There are so many layers of paint, you can see the thickness.

Even the chassis of each car is painted in its entirety. People take advantage of every inch.

Before I left, I had to climb on one for the last time.

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