! Murcia Today - Photographic Competition, Photographic Workshops For The Flowering Cieza

! Murcia Today - Photographic Competition, Photographic Workshops For The Flowering Cieza

! Murcia Today - Photographic Competition, Photographic Workshops For The Flowering Cieza

The Flowering photography
The Flowering offers a fantastic

opportunity for photographers to capture images of the stunning displays of blossom in Cieza during the months of February, March and the first week of April.

The municipality includes a number of photographic activities amongst those on offer for the duration of Flowering:

Exhibition of photos related to Flowering.
(It's always well worth visiting these exhibitions to see the angles used by other photographers as well as suss out the best viewing points!)

Photographs from the V Photographic Contest The Cieza Flowering (last year) can be seen in the Sîyasa Museum between the 2nd and 31st March.

Click for map and more information: Sîyasa Museum

Click for map and more information Museo Sîyasa
Click for map and more information Museo Sîyasa

Photographic workshops:
1st workshop on Saturday 11th Mar ch
Organized by the Photographic Association Photo3
Price 35 euros for non-members of the association, includes lunch, transport etc. Places limited.
Registration via www.asociacionphoto3.es

Photographic course "Pixelating Bloom"
Saturdays 11th, 18th, 25th February and 4th march
From 10:00 to 13:00, cost 20 euros
Taking place in the public library, Public library of Cieza, "Father Salmerón"
Organized by the Photographic Association Photo3
Registration via www.asociacionphoto3.es < / p>

11th March open-air workshop "Flowering in Cieza"
5 hour workshops
Free of charge, taking those interested in photography on a morning out around the area to see the best spots to photograph, and learn the practicalities of open-air landscape photography
Followed by optional lunch in local rice restaurant, paying for what you order

and registrations at www.floracion.es < / p>

The rules governing the competition:
1. Participants
The competition is open to anyone who resides in Spain, independently of their nationality. By entering, participants accept all of the rules and decisions of the panel deciding prize winners. Topic
All photographs will be concerned with the theme "The Flowering in Cieza". They can reflect any aspect of this colorful phenomenon, including landscapes, activities or any other subject which the photographer considers to be closely related to the main topic. Those images which include recognizable and well-known places in Cieza will be evaluated by the judges, and at the same time the panel will exclude any images which they do not deem to be sufficiently related to the topic. Photograph specifications
Each competitor shall submit a maximum of five unedited images, with no photograph which has already been published or entered in other competitions being admitted. Photographic treatment is permitted, and horizontal and vertical formats are both acceptable, but no name or logo must be visible.

All photos should be submitted on CD or DVD in.jpg or.jpeg formats at maximum resolution of 2400pixels at 72dpi and must not exceed 2mb. must be sent to a resolution of 300dp to form part of the exhibition, the longest side of the selected images being 50cm. Submission of photographs
All images should be delivered digitally by clicking on the following link to register: Registration for photographic competition
5. Competition dates
Entries may be submitted from the 5th February 2017
Final date for admission: 30th October 2017
Verdict of the jury: 8th and 9th January 2018
Notifications will be sent out on 11th January 2018
Exhibition: 2nd to 30th March 2018
Prizegiving: 2nd March 2018
Catalog issued: April 2018

8. Intellectual property rights and subsequent use of photographs
The CAF Cieza will retain the rights to all prize-winning photographs and the digital copies of others selected for exhibition, and reserves the right to use them and publish them on any

> without compensation to the photographer concerned.

Click for more information about The Flowering in Cieza

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