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From now on I would give you an update about my life every Sunday or Monday, so we can get in touch because it has been harder for me to write about my feelings and thoughts and believe it or not this a good therapy for me.

I will start by telling you I was not feeling enthusiastic about seeing the new Star Wars movie, I hate to be one of the crowd and everyone was so excited that I wasn 't. But I ended up watching the movie and I absolutely loved it, I have to say it made me feel a little sentimental; you know how sensitive I am.

From now on every Monday or Sunday I will give you an "update" of my life. I do it more than anything as a personal therapy because I find it harder and harder to express my thoughts and feelings in writing, let's say I'm much better at portraying them in images.

I'll start by saying that I was not at all excited about going to see Star Wars, it shocks me to be one more of the bunch and as everyone is obsessed with it I just wanted to be different. In the end I ended up seeing it and I liked it a lot, in fact I became super sensitive when I saw it.

Immediately after I went back home my Star Wars inspiration was to the top and I made this memes which are so fun. I'm absolutely team Chewie, he is the best!

Immediately leaving Star Wars I started to make pictures and look for others that I liked and put them in facebook > . I love "Chuy", Chewbacca is the best.

I also loved this image (below), sometimes it's just how I feel. I'm not waiting for someone with a name. I've just been waiting for my love. Sometimes I can not help but question myself. I will try to be positive because you have seen in my Raise your vibration post your thoughts become things so, I would be waiting for that man.

I'm excited today to make a Winter Solstice ritual for attracting: love, abundance and beauty in my life. I do not do anything too complicated, I just write a letter with my thoughts and wishes and light up a candle. I am very excited that the Winter Solstice is coming in today and as I will always do some simple ritual to attract abundance, love and beauty. I do not do anything complicated simply a letter with my wishes and thoughts and I leave a candle lit all night on my balcony.

I recently "re-design myself". I decided that I would wear gold, silver, pink, gray and brown colors in my looks, just as the new decoration I made in my house. I finally decided that I would be devoted to magic, it's something that makes me happy: to live a magical life.

Recently I finally found my inspiration and my style and decided to re-design myself. I decided that everything was going to be magic in my life and that I will use a lot of metallic colors like gold or silver combined with coffee, pink stick and gray. I can not leave the magic in my life, it's what always makes sense.

I'm obsessed with the Lolita movie from Stanley Kubrick, oh my! I've been watching Stanley Kubrick's Lolita movie this week and I love it! as I would have liked to live in the sixties I love how people dressed, they were really elegant.

For music, I love the Honeymoon album from Lana del Rey. I have to be honest; my first thoughts were "I do not like this album" but on these days I had been playing it over and over and I really like it, it makes me feel like a sad princess in a good way.

I've got the flu and it was funny to use this "Kardashians" "kleenex" that I got on an E Entertainment event.

very funny to use my kleenex of the Kardashian that I got at an E Entertainment event.

This week I got wonderful presents from different brands but I absolutely loved this Kevin Murphy shampoo and conditioner. They smell so good and my hair is so soft!

This week I received many beautiful Christmas gifts from different brands and thank you very much. But my favorites were this Kevin Murphy Beauty Art Mx shampoo and conditioner, in Mexico. Do not invent! the shampoo and conditioner smell great and leave super super soft hair nothing to do with the shampoos in the supermarket.

Also on instagram (sheismagique) > I wanted to show you my favorite rings from all times. From the brands: Baúl Gardenia , El Colibrí del Mar Alkhimia

In instagram (@ sheismagique) I showed you my collection of favorite magic rings; all of Mexican brands. They are of Baúl Gardenia , The Colibrí del Mar Alkhimia /em>.

And I end this post with the way I feel every day: like I do not belong on this planet. Have a good week!

I end this post with that image because it's how I feel "like I'm not on this planet" having a nice week.

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