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"Mûn means" home "in all languages, so the races of this reality refer to it in that way. The chronicles of all nations agree that Mûn is passing through its Second Age. There existed a First Age of Mythological Mûn, of which no race remembers hardly anything, but of which they persist, in some separated places, empty ruins of life and of goods that could say something of that remote past to its descendants. covered with ivy and moss, tall as towers, of pure obsidian are dumb witness to its splendor and ruin.Within those walls, when even elves were young, the beginnings of what today is called civilization were born.

At the present time, the prophecy of the end of the Second Age has been fulfilled.In the boundaries of the Blue and Red Oceans has emerged a legendary land, disappeared countless centuries ago: Mesalia, the Fleeing Island. , during the First Er that of Mûn, the center of a mighty and vast empire whose cataclysmic end caused the creation of the five great oceans and the sinking of Mesalia into the depths of the sea. "


The Old World: The ancestral lands of humans. Several nations are fighting for power. The Tri-Regnum is an empire ruled by three human kings brothers, each at the head of a proud nation: Mensaldu, king of Phinesia; Kissar, king of Antica Augusta; and Fideas, king of Annaicos. To the north extends the Great Franj, dominion of the Prince Rull / Croacil, scourge of the barbarian tribes, whose court is divided between Britainne and Aufsburg, like its own personality.

: The greatest human kingdom, ruled by Prince Rull / Croacil, a young man of mind broken by the endogamy of his lineage.

Dorya: The first nation of civilized barbarians, under the undisputed command of Vetrus I.

Hyprárica: A rebellious province, formerly part of the Great Franj kingdom, weapons against the prince.

Ancestral Forests: The forest empire of the Green Elves

Ancestral Forests Amalter Nrai, the "Mother Mountain", a place where countless magical forces of great benefit to the Forest Elves converge.

of the Fire: The Elementals of Fire and Demons are one people divided into two different beliefs.

Natalie Salom
Natalie Salom @nathyesr

Ice Land: Wizards / sorcerers, giants and yetis, among other creatures of the environment.

b> Devastated Lands: Shady Yermos. Dead, zombies, skeletons, etc. It is desert area and is isolated in a corner, between Old World and Dark Lands. They are the territory of the vampires.

The Dark Lands: The Trampled Lands. Native land of the race of the elfos, controlled at present by the Lute Imrril the Vampirizado, lord of the Night Elves. Imrril made a pact with the Vampire Priests of the Devastated Lands, ancestral enemies of the Elves, to snatch the throne to his brother Arnill, called the Nomadic King contemptuously by the Night Elves, or King of the Seas by his. >

Mesalia: Central island in discord. It is a land recently emerged, fulfilling an ancestral legend of this world. It is surrounded by a coral barrier, the Coral Labyrinth.


"Although sad, the fate of the Marine Elves is proud and will undoubtedly have much to say before the end of this Era. Arnill, the King of the Seas, is sovereign of a people tanned by the vicissitudes of nomadic life on the high seas, skilled as any elf with the bow, but also with the seamen's ax and the grappling board. Extruded from their homelands by their treacherous cousins, their personality may sometimes seem arrogant and bitter, but any sailor knows that to share the galerna with the ships of triangular emerald candles of the Marine Elfos is synonymous of safe passage, they are ferocious enemies of the Night Elves and the Vampires, their ancestral enemies. "

b> Night Elves: The "dark elves", evil. Formerly "Blue Elves", until they betrayed their legitimate king. They expelled their good brothers. They made dealings with the vampires. "Twisted and sinister, the Night Elves maintain their legacy of treachery alive by governing with an iron gauntlet the elven native lands, Maronoth Fellehn, renamed by their new tyrant as Lands The Dark Lord Imrril the Blood Drinker, present sovereign, orchestrated with the Vampire Priests of Menûria, ancestral enemies of the elves, the fall of the legitimate sovereign, his brother Arnill, whom he expelled from his lands with a handful of followers who would become the Marine Elves or Nomads Their black barges, clad in bronze darkened as their armor, travel the Black Ocean carrying slaves and sinister objects from the Lost Territories. "

Dwarves have fallen into disgrace, being enslaved by a demon.

Minotaurs: Neutral mercenaries fight the highest bidder.

"A fierce warrior town, the Dragon Horde minotaurs shake the earth at their hooves The minotaurs, as mercenaries, travel around Mûn, selling their skills to the highest bidder, even though they may be able to fight against their own congeners in exchange for gold, and as a horde they sweep away vast tracts of ground, plundering and destroying them. "There are no such mighty warriors as them."

Giants Nörsse: Divided into two races, High Race (Olffgar), and the Lower Race (Unnghar). The Alta Raza are the archetypical giants, the Low Races are mestizos born of strange unions between giants and men. They came with the wind of the North, huge silhouettes in the icy mists of the Ice Lands, accompanied by the gloomy howls of their hounds. The Nörsse Giants with bluish skin and white hair represent the harshness of cold and ice, a race accustomed to the hardest possible life on the steppes swept by blizzards beyond any boundary on the maps. Divided into two villages with equal rights - the Olffgar, or High Race, literally giants, and the Unnghar, or Low Race, more resembling exceptionally high humans - the Nörsse Giants seek the warm lands south of their world, where they collect fruits of non-sterile lands and loot settlements. Recently and for the first time in their history, they have taken one of the custody cities, the Ice Lighthouse, and have settled there, renaming it as the Snow Gate. From there their ice ships sail the seas, pointing their serpent-headed bows at the "Warm Nations."

"The world is changing." / p>

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