Of edible flowers

Of edible flowers

Of edible flowers

This is a simple chocolate mousse with cream that instead of individual cups I opted for an oreo base and give it a cake shape.

I did not know how many guests I was going to have, so I found it easier to make a cake, and depending on how many people we would cut the rations.

As above I decided to water it with a confetti made from petals of various edible flowers, cosmos, daisies, Chinese carnations ... Solo wash, dry thoroughly and remove anything other than petals. And the result was resultón and flirtatious, which as taste tasted great, it all seemed a fantastic dessert.

There are two ways to simplify it enough and I recommend it, for example; the base does not need to bake it if you do not want to, you just need to melt the butter with the cookies well ground in a mincer and spread while squeezing well and it stays a great base. Another thing you can simplify is the meringue, which you can avoid by simply making the whipped whipped to the point of firm snow with the sugar, but I in this case complicate it a little by the mania that I have to prevent when I use raw egg and if we are going to eat outside, I'm afraid of the unpasteurized egg. But that does not happen, but they are precautions that I take whenever there are children and old people, as in this case.

I tell you how I did it, the long and complicated version, but you are just as rich in the simplified version

If you shorten these two options you can have it ready in half an hour and you can do it the day before and the refrigerator.

, including the most demanding children! I turned out to be a freak of sugar, so next time I compared a 70% chocolate for example and it will get more bitter that is how I like chocolate. Bitter!

INGREDIENTS for a mold of 22/23 cm

For the mousse

  • 250 gr. of dark chocolate minimum 52%
  • 30 g unsalted butter.
  • 4 egg whites L
  • 200 gr. of sugar
  • 500 gr. cream

For the cream coating

  • 250 gr. 1 teaspoon sugar
  • ½ teaspoon vanilla (optional)

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