Tequila Effect

Tequila Effect

Tequila Effect

This, as always, is an objective analysis of the party and its most prominent players ... Campaign: Safe, quiet, solvent, very good value for re-sale, green, serene, with large spaces well ventilated, away from the cities, ideal for animal husbandry or agriculture.

he covered 3 goals, but I prefer not to say so I do not shit the joke. Emilio Zeballos: It was only surpassed when ... well, ta, always.

Very good performance in the buscaminas. Fleurquin: He played angry, inaccurate, had to be prosecuted for an attempted murder of Estoyanoff.

Believed to be ovulating.

Beloved: He was just loved by the swollen blueberry until he was replaced by Luna. b> It is suspected that he could be supplanted by Representative Colorado.

Arrascaeta: It did not appear. I played 5 balls and two of them were those of Darío Rodríguez in a tight play.

We expect your performance in the Selection to be inversely proportional to

Luna: He had an excellent performance. A pity that he did not enter 90 minutes earlier. > Tabaré Silva: It took 90 minutes.

True to the violet tradition, it does not support dubbing, so it prefers sub titles. Bologna Bologna Bologna .

He scored himself in the 5 minute, grabbed, ran, bit, stuck, and injured.

He excelled at the press conference

Mathías Aguirregaray: He performed well until he was assaulted by Lolo. Estoyanoff: He ran, touched, played and healed his own and others, reaching the point of almost breaking Aguirregaray.

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