The best mandalas in black and white coloring - Images for whatsapp

The best mandalas in black and white coloring - Images for whatsapp

The best mandalas in black and white coloring - Images for whatsapp

Welcome back to our blog! This time we bring you the best mandalas in black and white so they can download and then print. These can be used for coloring and use as decoration objects in the home or wherever you want.

Many times it happens that we want to paint mandalas but we do not get the ones indicated to do it. This is why we will leave more than 30 images to color mandalas. They can be decorated with different materials. To download the desired images you will have to right-click on the image and then choose the option that says save image as.

p> Mandalas with flowers

Zentangle with swans

Drawing with tree

Flowers and more flowers

The mandala is a spiritual and ritual symbol that is the universe. Not just an art form, mandalas are used in many spiritual traditions, but about Hinduism and Buddhism, to focus attention, to define a sacred space and to help meditation. In the Buddhist tradition, mandalas are drawn with colored sands and then destroyed to symbolize the impermanence of the material world.

Nowadays the term mandala is well known in the West and is commonly used to indicate geometric patterns , circular schemes and designs symbolically representing a microcosm of the universe, which is used in various fields (from spiritual practices to psychology) to restore calm, balance and peace, and ultimately increase self-awareness .
Mandala: etymology and pronunciation.

We continue with etymology, which is crucial in understanding why you are using a word for a particular concept. Mandala can be translated as "circle" or "center" and, as a circle, is an essential representation, geometric world and the cosmos: a mandala can be said to be a "cosmogram." Normally, in the mandala there is an "outer belt" and one or more concentric circles, containing a square divided into four triangles: the center of each triangle (and also in the center of the mandala) are circles, containing figures of deities. Sometimes a mandala has a labyrinthine structure, or is designed like a palace with its towers; may have floral designs or repetitive structures (like crystals). Symbolically, the outer "belt" of the mandala is a kind of "fire barrier" (metaphysical consciousness) that burns ignorance; the "next ribbon" symbolizes enlightenment, then a "belt" of leaves evokes spiritual rebirth; in the center of this circle is the true mandala (palace) with images of the gods. At the edge of any design there are four gates guarded by the guardians of conscience.

Meditation of the mandala, the disciple lives the eternal process of periodical worlds creation-destruction-creation; penetrates well into rhythms and cosmic time, breaking the chains of samsara (worldly life, the material world), and reaches a transcendent plane.Related to the same tradition of mandalas are also the yantra, geometric designs painted on cloth or paper, or even on the door, the decoration of Hindu temples, but also to houses: they are widely used in Vastu, the ancient Indian "Feng Shui." If the mandala helps to achieve higher levels of consciousness, a yantra reminds us of the existence of different types of energy that govern our world, and this shows us how to behave in the life, which helps to improve and avoid negative actions for us. Also the yantra is a geometric form that encloses a circle symbols of a specific deity; a yantra is a kind of visual mantra.

Coloring Mandalas is an activity that helps meditation reduce stress and develop intuition.

"A mandala portrays itself and the color is a creative and relaxing tool for self-awareness and internalization. "

Hand of Fatima

Flowers and butterflies

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