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Now that we have finished cleaning the land, we can start using it!

As our goal is to learn from nature and live with and from it, we want to build an organic garden in the hope of to be [almost] self-sufficient.

Before you start an orchard, you think of seeds and soil. And start with seedlings. Yes, some plants are very fragile and are planted in the heat and care of the home before exposing them to the natural world outside.

So the first steps are to get land and seeds . Thanks to the ProHuerta program, we get a great variety of seeds for free, which we complete by buying in a nearby nursery along with a bag of fertile soil. We were also lucky enough to participate in an Organic Seed Exchange in Capilla del Monte, a village 10 km from home. These encounters are interesting because organic seeds are obtained for free, because they also exchange tips and ideas, and especially because you can get less common varieties.

The second stage is to get containers to make seedlings , and in this note we are going to name several recycled and free containers where we can begin our adventure of planting.

1. Trays of Telgopor (in Argentine) or Anime (in Venezuelan) - Expanded Polystyrene

When I took a course to make an urban garden in Buenos Aires, we were advised to look for trays in Telgopor trays all of Argentina). They are very practical because they have the advantage of being able to put many seeds and are comfortable to move. Well, we did not have it on hand so we did not start with that. But then we get them and we actually think it is the best type of packaging, especially for its depth.

2. Tetrabrik carton packs

In the absence of containers of tungsten or tetrabrik, you can simply look for a carton, insert a bag that covers the bottom and edges, fill it with soil, and drill it from below to drain the water (with the also perforate well the bag to avoid accumulation of moisture in the container, and the risk that the seedlings rot). They have the advantage of being able to get into almost any house, and to be able to play with the desired depth.

4. Plastic or yogurt cups

Actually any kind of pot of cream, yoghurt, dulce de leche, etc. it works. They are less comfortable because they are to put a single plant, but if as you accumulate during the year you may have several containers available and be a good container to start.

5. Plastic Bottles

We can use and cut plastic bottles, the interesting thing is that they can be trimmed to the desired depth.

6. Eggs or Egg Maples

Our field life revolutionized our mode of consumption, so now we buy eggs by maple, and we have many maples of eggs accumulated. This is the method that I like the most, because it is easy and quick to plant a lot. In addition, they are degradable so when transplanting can be cut the cardboard and leave it directly on the ground, which will serve as fertilizer (depending on whether to separate the seedlings).

7. Ice cream pots

Those who have visited us will know, Cristian is a great lover of ice cream. And I'm sorry to throw all those containers of Telgopor, so it's the perfect time to reuse them. They have the advantage of being deep.

Before planting, drill the containers down to drain the water (a couple of holes are sufficient). We use a knife or a skewer depending on the packaging material.

Covered with soil, and watered again. Most seeds need heat and moisture to germinate, so keep the seedlings in a warm place and water them frequently (we do it tomorrow and night).

twigs crushed in the ground to maintain better moisture.
For a better monitoring of the plants, note the name and date of planting in a little sign. We made them homemade, with cut of the bottles of TetraPak. We also note the date in a table of control of the orchard.

Once the seedlings begin to emerge, we have to put them in the sunlight to continue their good development. p> Any suggestions for building seedbeds? What containers do you use?

We will send you more photos of the evolution of our seedlings.

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