Why Sombra is not Ana | Overwatch Amino

Why Sombra is not Ana | Overwatch Amino

Why Sombra is not Ana | Overwatch Amino

Update July 31st 2016: Shadow being a separate and new character has been confirmed via the puzzles they have released and will continue to release about Shadow. Almost every time I mention this in this app I get bashed by people who are too blind to look at any other option. Firstly, let's get into the evidence for Ana = Shadow first

Next piece of evidence,

Oh wait? There is no more oops

Lets go on the evidence that Shadow is a separate character

Lets list them off in points

is Egyptian

• All of Sombra's evidence is Golden based

• Even after Ana's release they have not tied the direct distinction between Sombra and Ana in the lore

• In Ana's gameplay released, redditors have found 2 frames hidden in the video, code, when translated is a repeated Spanish phrase saying, "She who has the information, has the power." And then there are anomalies the say "Sound" and "bra" multiple times. Hopefully you can piece those two together. They would not need to code and hide info in a release of a character if it was about them.

• Shadow's silhouette in the newspaper looks absolutely nothing like Ana.

• Redditors have actually FOUND code in the game with files named Shadow completely separated from Ana and hints towards a new character.

2 days ago, A person asked to playwatch the official Twitter of overwatch, for a confirmation or negation to this question. "Shadow is NOT Ana." They answered, "Who is Shadow?" Translated to "Who is Shadow?" Think about what you want tho ¯ \ _ (ツ) _ Rekt [] Not rekt [X] Ultra rekt

/ ¯

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