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Bird feeders. Automatic Feeder; Feeder of Initiation; Innova Multiple Manual Feeder; Other products. Breeder Avicorvi GLL. As we are in a blog dedicated to wood, we will try to use it as a base to impregnate it with food, we must consider that for small birds we must place. Innova manual feeder for laying hen on floor. This feeder has a hopper extension that prevents the birds from entering the feeder.

Naturalist's manual - Ornithology: How to attract birds. Living in an environment surrounded by animals is the dream of any naturalist, and using some simple tricks we can achieve it, whether we live in the countryside or in a city or if we have a garden or just a balcony or the window sill . Bird feeders One of the best ways to attract birds is to feed them. It is ideal to install one or more feeders.

They can be a simple board surrounded by some slats that protect the food from the wind (it is good to leave some holes between the slats to drain the rainwater) and suspended of a pole or hanging from a branch, or more elaborate, with a roof that protects it from the rain. Ideally, it should have at least 1. If there is no space, the feeder can be attached to the wall of the house or secured to the window. The birds will thank the feeders in winter, when it becomes more difficult to find food. At the time of placing it we must find a place from which we can observe the evolution of birds without disturbing them too much (near a window, for example) or use a hiding place to hide us and, more importantly, from where they can see with time to flee to a cat or other predator that lurks. Some birds, such as charcoal farmers, will feel more comfortable juggling the food suspended from hanging baskets.

Peanuts will delight charcoal burners and climbers. A kind of porridge can be made with various types of seeds, breadcrumbs, crackers, cheese scraps, corn and oat flakes, and other food scraps that will be mixed with a boiled egg and some water will be added to mix it well all without being very liquid.

This porridge can be stuck to the walls of half coconut shells that have already eaten the birds or a small pot or other container that will hang upside down. It is advisable to periodically change this mixture to avoid stale, especially in summer. For the birds that are not able to eat hung of these containers we can pour the mixture directly on the trough. To attract as many species of birds as possible we must offer a variety of foods: food, cheese, bread, seeds as varied as possible, apple and other fruit pieces, oat flakes, nuts (never salted) . To attract insectivores to buy food for them in specialized establishments, we can also buy fly larvae at fishing shops or "cultivate" them ourselves; it is enough to leave to the air a piece of meat on a container and the flies will go immediately to put in its eggs. On the trough we can also put the dish of a pot with water so that the birds can drink and bathe. It is important not to abruptly cut off the food supply, especially in the winter, when, if it snows heavily in your locality, the feeders contribute more effectively to the protection of birds (provided they are not covered with snow).

We present a manual of assembly and use, of the feeder / drinker 430 of Voltregà. For more information you can consult our website or ours.

They can have access with a hole or have the front open, with a base of 2. Here we show you in detail how to build a nest box. If we offer food next to the nest box, the birds will find it right away and we will have very high chances of nesting inside. A few holes of 2.

Some birds, such as robins, prefer nest boxes with open front. This type of nest is best placed somewhere where it is protected or half-hidden by vegetation, such as a wall covered by climbing plants, for example. A larger box with a base of about 4. If we expand the base to 5. It is important not to disturb too much the birds that are nesting. When the nesting season is over, the box must be cleaned. We must use gloves to manipulate the nest, as it could have fleas.

We can then see what material each species has used for its construction and maybe find some egg shell or some egg that has not hatched and which we can pick up for our small museum. It can also happen that a bat uses the box as a shelter. If you want to build boxes suitable for sheltering bats, instead of practicing a hole or an open front, make an entry at the bottom in the shape of a horizontal half moon, as in the illustration.

Garden plants Placing nest boxes and feeders for birds is a good way to protect them, but if we have a garden, we will provide more effective assistance not only to birds but to many other species of animals, planting trees and shrubs that offer food and shelter . A natural hedge made up of the largest possible variety of wild shrubs with berries, vines and some tree, such as a walnut or a guindo, offers shelter, food and place to raise thousands of animals.

If the garden is large enough, plant an oak, oak, walnut, chestnut or any tree in your local forest. The last two grow faster than the first, especially walnut. Planting native trees is the best way to preserve and attract local wildlife. Undoubtedly, the ideal complement to a wild garden is a pond with frogs, toads, newts, dragonflies, water lilies .

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Thank you very much - JT Martinez ds Uruguay.And that I do not have cats !!! I have put canary seed in two feeders, bread dolls, a nesting box . Mariano 20. 13- 0. Precious article, I am looking forward to putting all this into practice on the farm that I just acquired, it has always been my dream to have a piece of pure nature and to observe it from my room.

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