Contemplating Photography

E3; 50-200 in 50mm; 1 / 200s in f / 4 + 0.7; 100 ISO. Port of Bermeo, Vizcaya. It is a mariner's practice to arrive at a collective mooring and leave the boat in second, third, fourth row. No observer will be surprised to see the newcomer jump by boat, trying to reach the dock. You will not be surprised to see the boats move to the newly embarked, making a way to leave. The friction and small blows are entrusted to rubber reinforcements and fragments of tires that protect the boat. The security, to simple and long chains that, walking of boat in boat, arrive at the mooring. Also to the absence of one, or both, oars, as trusted by the owner. Nothing similar can be seen in other types of "parachute", where cars, yachts, even people, have restricted their freedom to a numbered order.

Tracks: The order and concert in the composition. Hidden comments (highlight with the cursor below to unveil): It seems to lie that the seemingly random result of this process, get the sense of order and calm that comes from photography . The order is provided by the orientation of the boats, with the bow always mooring, always among other prows, always without space between them to distinguish the sea. Calm is insinuated by the sea itself, which shows itself at ease among them. Its watercolor reflections form part of the predominant blue, which accentuates, even more, this sensation.

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