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Dark light

Cold shiver in his seat, while Darkness narrows his eyes, striving to see the rest of his companions. Unfortunately, Ausencia was not able to attend today's meeting. With an educated cough, Calvicie makes everyone quiet, thus beginning the session.

- "Gentlemen, gentlemen, please, a little order" - exclaims. "As everyone knows, the issue to be discussed today is the reason for our own existence. I give the floor to Silencio who, given the importance of the situation, has considered breaking his habitual shyness to speak and expose his reasoning."

Silence expounds the problem. How can the existence of all of them be justified? They are abstract qualities, not quantifiable, created to give substance to the concept of Nothingness. Drought, this being its first meeting, seems offended by the implications of this reasoning. After all, she explains, it is not an abstract concept, since a drought is a natural disaster that can harm many people and living things. Politely, the rest explain to him that a drought is nothing more than, after all, the lack of Water. Drought is silent and sinks into his seat, lost in thought. Empty, an intimate friend of Silencio, encourages him to continue his presentation.

The meeting goes on like a tug-of-war for a few minutes, getting nowhere. Near the end of time, a sarcastic laugh from one corner of the room silences the voices of others. It's Soledad, a strange guy. He never relates to others, simply observes and smiles, and seems to judge.

With a more tired than angry gesture, he picks up his raincoat and his hat and leaves the room. Slowly, thoughtfully, the rest of the occupants of the room nod.

In the street, Soledad walks without haste.

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