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Correct lighting is possible to transforms any surrounding genre. It is in charge of our first feeling and it is also her that brings us visual comfort feeling.

Set a design lighting , for each in a surrounding location, your home, your place of work, your place of entertainment, makes all the difference the first is to prefer that it will be proposed. Only with different lights, the same room can leave a romantic, intimate, happy or cozy place. However, lighting flaws can be fatal. An erroneously clarified site, which lacks its valued peculiarities, is likely to make it indifferent, banal and also unattractive.

Hall Entrance Should be illuminated so that cause a good first feeling, atmosphere should be inviting and also cozy. Diffuse brightness points can exercise a good role in front of it.

Living Room It is the room where they spend most of the time, brightness should be comfortable to the eyes and also, together, to allow an interlude and entertainment between friends or the play with television, if there is a room the luminosity is possible to be focused in the areas of work or leisure, as well as hobbies. Spots installed strategically give magnetism works and art and also decoration objects.

Dining Room
It is possible to be an engaging and very diverse, depending on the atmosphere the villager wants to make. With low lights, it gains a romantic atmosphere, while more illuminated and also with lighting points focusing on interesting objects, becomes an ideal meeting place for friends. Always remember that the main focus of lighting a dining room is on the table. Nevertheless, the lighting project should contemplate entire room.

Office and also service dimension Same rule of the kitchen. They are intense work areas, they must be very illuminated. It should be around three times more clarity on the work surfaces than the rest of the room, floor lamps or desk analysis, there are light bulbs that provide a good amount of lighting work areas. Surfaces work hobbies and also crafts become convictions with fluorescent lamps with prominent reproduction index and color.

Room This is the mansion site where lighting should be most comfortable. lighting usually there are lamps that completely illuminate the room while applied in the ceiling fixtures. indirect lighting, made wall or ceiling fixtures, it is possible to be used to generate a soft luminosity of interpretation in the room.

Bathroom Bathroom lighting should be smooth and also pleasant yet luminous enough to facilitate makeup, shaving, waxing or combing the hair. From the contemporary to the traditional, the lighting should highlight the look of the bathroom and also the personal look.

External dimension Safety and also prominence are external lighting functions. prime horizon, distribute luminosity through the paths and also passages. greater security, it is plausible to illuminate each and every side of the home and also shrubs that can hide burglars.

Types of clarity
Diffuse: lighting that does not focus on a single direct focus. This technique uses materials and also colors good reflection to make the lighting more comprehensive and also less dazzling, which softens the shadows. To achieve this, you need to wear light bulbs.


lighting providing a direction exclusively and also has managed focus. This technique uses reflectors to direct the focus of the lighting. Direct lights should be directed to specific objects, especially decorative, pictures, flowers or sculptures. So, lighting does not justify discomfort and it also values ​​the pieces.

Wall Washing: Fixed clarity points driven with spots or built-in ceiling. They can also be used in embedded floor lamps or small sized projectors fixed at equal distances points and also that focus the wall extension. The effect resembles a light bath on the wall, hence the name wall washing. Effect highlights wall texture and also enhances architecture.

Downlight: hidden lightness, which avoids obscuring and also increases light output. The luminaires used in this technique are specific tauxiaries in linings (drywall, eg) and also have abundant shapes.

Up light: facing objects directly. It is a device widely used to illuminate elements in an enveloping vertical mode (trees, shrubs, statues or altimeters).

Care that you should build strength and also make the surroundings more harmonious, the ideal is painting it with light colors. Avoid drawing walls and also ceilings with dark colors, because this requires more light to compensate, which can cause increased consumption of strength and also heat buildup. In this way, it is also essential to keep the luminaires clean because there is no light loss.

Fluorescent or economical lamps can be used in kitchens, service areas and also offices. Although several avoid use think that there are models that adapt luminaires, there are several that can be used in uncomplicated chandeliers. you can learn more with the Residential Unlimited Course at this site: http://cursodeiluminacaoresidencial.com/

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