Instagram Photo Challenge to #PlayCreateImagine

Instagram Photo Challenge to #PlayCreateImagine

Instagram Photo Challenge to #PlayCreateImagine

Are you feeling blah and yuck from being stuck inside? I've got the answer for you! This month over on Instagram, I'm going to be playing with my friend and hosting the #playcreateimagine photo challenge!

I am so excited to be part of this challenge on Instagram with my friend Erica from Elemeno -P Kids! I have never taken part of a large instagram challenge like this so I thought it could be a great way to connect with so many of you! It will be a stretch for me but I am ready to get this challenge started!

Erica created this Instagram photo challenge for us, the busy moms, to have the time to slow down and watch our kids play and grow.

She thought of words that could fit any of the three words: play, create, imagine. So, one day the word may describe your child's play , or something he creates , or something she imagined . I can not wait to get this started and join in the fun!

Ready to have fun and PLAY?

Follow me on Instagram here: lemonlimeadventures /

Follow Erica on Instagram here:

Remember to use the hashtag #PlayCreateImagine for all your photos and if you tag one of us, we will be sure to respond to you.

Help your Superkid unlock their real potential.

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