Jaime Manrique -Colombia / USA- The Americas Poetry Festival of New York

Jaime Manrique is a Colombian-born novelist, poet, essayist, and translator who has written both in English and Spanish, and whose work has been translated into fifteen languages. Amongst his publications in English are the novels Colombian Gold , Latin Moon in Manhattan , Twilight at the Equator , Our Lives Are the Rivers and Cervantes Street ; the volumes of poetry My Night with Federico García Lorca ; Tarzan, My Body, Christopher Columbus ; and the memoir Eminent Maricones: Arenas, Lorca, Puig, and Me . His honors include Colombia's National Poetry Award, 2007 International Latino Book Award (Best Novel, Historical Fiction), and a Guggenheim Fellowship. Manrique's Selected Poems in Spanish will appear in Colombia in 2016. He is a former Associate Professor in the MFA in writing at Columbia University and currently a Distinguished Lecturer in the Department of Modern Languages ​​and Literature in the City College of New York. He has just completed Two Men , a new novel.

In memoriam, Josefina Folgoso

I grab a pair of scissors
at dusk
and attack the perfumed stems of white bells
of basil on my porch
that, in the pregnant days > of August, attract stingers and legions of tiny
honey bees. In the engulfing
darkness, I cut the stems and make with a bouquet for you,
dear friend,
who died much too soon when
so many other things
take too long to die.
Let the bees go
and feed elsewhere-
not on my porch, where I mourn
you with rage. as I cut the sweet basil flowers
to adorn my grief.

The Josefina Folgoso, in memoriam

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