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Hello! Finally I decide to update after so many days of "vacations", the truth was missing the blogger world. Today I want to talk about the types of hair that exist, which are 4: normal, dry, oily and mixed. Let's see how to achieve a good balance taking care of it carefully.

  • The use of too strong or aggressive shampoo, tinctures and permanent shampoos are factors that cause hair to dry. >
  • To take good care of the hair, it is essential to know what type it is and to choose the shampoo or any suitable cosmetic capillary.
  • A good diet, avoid drinking too much alcohol and, during the summer, use a capillary protector basic for healthy hair.

Even if you are lucky enough to have normal hair, do not forget to treat it with care. Use a quality shampoo and a little softener to keep it silky. Keep in mind that a bad rinse can turn shiny hair into opaque and dull.

What to avoid: Repeated use of shampoos and overly aggressive hair products. While washing your hair, do not use very hot water, because the scalp will open too much and this may favor hair loss. For the same reason, when it suqes, it avoids the abuse of excessively hot air from the dryer. Do not place the appliance near its ends. It's better to hang out at free iare.

One Tip: Alternate at least two types of shampoo from different properties. This will prevent the hair from getting used to the same cleansing agents and the product will lose its effectiveness. It is essential to choose the specific hair products for normal hair.

Hair is dry because the sebaceous gland does not lubricate it enough. The hair is dry, the scales are lifted and dehydrated, losing flexibility and shine. It stimulates the blood circulation by means of a daily massage to the scalp. Wash the hair every two or three days at most with a neutral shampoo and do not save on a good conditioner, for example, without rinsing.

What to avoid: Although the problem of perspiration may be caused by a thyroid gland insufficiency, in most cases is caused by hereditary factors, stress, the use of inappropriate shampoos, excessive heat in dried and inadequate stains or permanent. Also the sun, the wind, the sea, the chlorine of the water or the pollution appear as causes of such problem.

One Tip: If your hair is dry try with the following home remedy. Make a mixture with a whole egg, two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar and a glass of water. Use it as a shampoo and rinse with plenty of water to which you should add a few drops of lemon.

Fat or Mixed, that's the question

If three days after the last wash the scalp is rubbed and the fingers are shiny and oily, your hair is oily. If, in addition the tips are dry, then it is mixed. Of course, a very shiny, caked-on and greasy-looking hair should follow a specific treatment and meet daily with certain care. The dryness of the tips should be resolved with the use of moisturizers and nutrients for this damaged area.

When Fat

Use a specific anti-fat shampoo to regulate excess of tallow. But, from time to time, let the hair rest by washing it with a soft cloth. On the other hand, seborrhealing lotions and masks work perfectly as a shock treatment.

Tip: It is not advisable to use hair products that give shine to the hair not to pronounce even more its natural tendency to oily appearance. It is also not advisable to use certain fasteners which have a wet effect. Finally, do not ever wear dirty hair, because besides being very unpleasant to the eye it further accentuates the problem of fat.

The trick: After normal washing, rinse hair with vinegar or juice Lemon is a good method to combat oily hair. It is advisable to use half a lemon squeezed in a bowl of water for light hair and a tablespoon of vinegar for the dark ones. Both have astringent power, that is, can "dry" and close the pores, avoiding fat suppuration. As the lemon and vinegar are all natural ingredients, there is no danger of the scalp showing problems of intolerance.

When Mixed

Use a mild shampoo or a hair shampoo mixed and, above all, apply the conditioner only at the ends. On the other hand, do not abuse the dryer, nor plates, hot rollers or bolladoras. When the tips are very deteriorated cutting them is sometimes the only solution.

What to avoid: Often, due to the state of the tips, mixed hair is confused with dry hair and a wrong treatment is applied. The result can not be more daunting: no improvement is obtained and the condition of the hair is aggravated. It is important to reject alcohol-fixing products, since it absorbs the little fat that the tips still retain.

One tip: Bring the brittle and battered pints to the nuances they need. There are high power sera and concentrates that repair the structure of the hair fiber and restore the cuticle of the tips. Just a small amount and a light massage. Do not rinse.

Healthy hair resists a weight that varies between 50 and 100 grams and before breaking, stretches of 20 to 30%. To check the health of your hair, you can tear one away and tie a weight of 50 grams, 75 and finally 100. If you notice that it breaks easily, without practically stretching, it is that the health of your hair is altered.

Until an upcoming entry . Thanks for visiting! Bss

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