Mafia (Look at Me and Shoot, # 5) by Alessandra Neymar

Mafia (Look at Me and Shoot, # 5) by Alessandra Neymar

Mafia (Look at Me and Shoot, # 5) by Alessandra Neymar


At the end of this series that should have finished two books back, but the author was stupid to lengthen as stupid as possible.

What's left over from this book? That even if you are a pedo, you are in danger of being killed at any time, or you end up suffering a most traumatic event, the AMORRRRRRRR can always do more. For the author to be single should be a bad word, because NOT A CHARACTER was single, guys. Even those characters who did not have a love interest, such as Thiago, (Enrico's trusted man), or Valerio (who supposedly for two weeks was in love with Sarah), in this book get love interests out of the galley, say Chiara , and Ying. EVERYTHING IS BECAUSE NO ONE SINGLE, FOR LOVE TO THE BUDDHA.

The characters in these books are, by far, and without a doubt, some of the most infraded and imbecile characters I've ever read. Alessandra Neymar does not have the fucking idea of ​​what character development is. She makes her characters do nonsense because, yes, she describes what her characters are like, without SHOWing us with actions, which in fact are that way.

It is established that without a doubt Fabio did not want to take care of his children. All his life he sucked an egg that Mauro was his son, so this is no surprise.

Do not even let me start with the fact that GARCHÓ was the wife of his brother and PREGNANT. But of course, they still describe him as LEAL. (Not to mention that she was cheating on the woman with the whole world, with her own brother's wife, Hannah, Kathia's biological mother, but look, it was LEAL, EH) And the funniest of all , is when Mauro asks the mother why he did not leave Alessio before marrying to be with Fabio, and the trola says "Because Fabio was too loyal to steal the woman from his brother" WTF JJAJJAJAJAJAJ rio de January. So loyal was not if after the garchó and pregnant she was MARRIED. Not to mention that if the mine did not want to marry Alessio from the going, WHY DID CARAJOS NOT DENY AND READY? This is not England in the 18th century, Mommy. I did not want you to be so pushy.

And finally, this guy, Fabio, who was supposed to be SO smart, and wanted to create a cure for the, CUCHATE THIS, Alzheimer's, EXPERIENCE IN HUMANS (we have already established that this guy has no type of moral code or minimum common sense), even in probation, CREATING A MORTAL VIRUS SO. I CAN NOT ELSE, THIS IS VERY STRONG. What's the limit of the shit, Alessandra Neymar? This book, and this series in general, has so many things that are wrong, that literally could never finish listing them. But those who read them already know it, so I'm just going to focus on the things that really made my eyes roll so much I thought I would be stuck behind the eyelids.

Another thing also without any sense, basically like everything in this series, is Enrico and his "revenge". Can anyone explain to me exactly what their vengeance was? Being for years playing the double agent with two enemy families, ruthlessly hurting the woman he loved (yes, I did not forget how he treated Sarah in the second and third book), to allow his sister to be raped, so that afterwards everything ended in the most pathetic way. WHAT WAS THE GREAT VENGEANCE? He did not even kill anyone, he was always just a puppet.

Not to mention that Kathia has the superpower to resurrect. The mine literally died, but thanks to a little chat with Fabio in the afterlife he returned DE LA MUERTE. Wow, Kathia IS JESUS, BOYS. I can not believe it.

And if we are going to mention nonsense, why not also mention how these characters heal from mortal wounds as if we were talking about a scratch that you do on the knee when you fall off the bike.

The only thing that could have done all this a little better, would have been that Cristianno and Kathia died at the end. But not even that happened. Bleh.

And I can not fail to mention the ASQUETE that gives me the relationship of Enrico and Kathia. That relationship they have is not a sibling relationship. They have a re incestuous relationship, it sucks. They touch in a way that the brothers do not touch. Kisses are thrown on her neck, she sits straddling him (WHAT?), Enrico thinks about the sexual form in which Kathia and Cristianno interact, THAT'S NOT NORMAL. No brother wants to imagine his sister in a sexual way.

The only reason I read this book was because it was the last in the series and I wanted to finish it after reading 4 books.

It takes a star and a half, and not one, because although it was bad, I did not hate it. If I have to rescue something good from the story, it really does cost me. I liked the character of Giovanna, and Sarah's there. I still think he's very soft on Enrico and should have dragged him down the floor to retrieve it after what he did, but bue. Not everyone is as spiteful as I, apparently.

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