The Erial d'Aigües

The Erial d'Aigües

The Erial d'Aigües

The Cabeçó under the full moon

I go up some time early to see your surroundings that is becoming more and more abandoned at the level of terraces and orchards, although in recent months I have seen with great joy that are being drawn and working some abandoned orchards. This abandonment influences the loss of species such as mushrooms and other birds that were previously seen in large flocks.

At present you can see: starlings, mushrooms, redheads, gulls, mosquito nets, sparrows, myths, robins, rockets, jackdaws and the controversial magpies. These from the antiquity already enjoyed fame birds of bad omen, calling them thieves and sneaks; In fact the Fonteta dels Castellets is a magical place that should be respected and taken care of for being a watering hole from time immemorial, it is also a source that gives shelter to hundreds of frogs and their fry called tadpoles. The loss of biodiversity is also affecting the amphibians on a large scale: frogs toads ... etc.

La fonteta dels Castellets

The hawk also visits us due to the great snowfalls of the whole European center. The starlings remain in these areas since olive trees are no longer harvested and some are left to lose, they take advantage of this circumstance to survive, and even eat the dates of the palm trees that often remain uncollected.

Preventory is a lovely place that unfortunately is deteriorating day by day and I do not know if we will ever see it useful for the enjoyment of all.

Later on I will send you a report on the birds that live in the neighborhood.

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