The hiding place of Orfeo .: July 2013

The hiding place of Orfeo .: July 2013

The hiding place of Orfeo .: July 2013

I do not go to the sea in this wide summer covered by heat, I will not go any further

and the cracks that surround lives and my life.

At what distance, in front of which window

on which train station

I left behind the sea and there we were,

While there the battle continued

of white and green and stone and

That's how it looks like it was like this: life changes, and he who dies

does not know that part of life,

That great note, that abundance of anger and glare were far away,


you were blindly severed.

dead, surrounded by sad cities

sea whose waves do not know how to kill

I do not care for salt and sound:

of the ocean striking the shores,

The foam where power dies. I go out to sea this summer: I'm locked up, buried, and long of the tunnel that takes me prisoner

I hear a green thunder remotely


a cataclysm of broken bottles,

a whisper of salt and agony. / b>

It is the liberator. It is the ocean, far away, in my homeland, waiting for me.

Artist: Gustave Courbet

Completion date:

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