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It's full of stupid posters. My mother's bedroom has the biggest bed and is so neat. She has nice, new fitted wardrobes.

My bedroom is the best. It is my preferred room because it is private.
Peude cast music in peace and I can do what I want. I can also make as much mess as I want.

The back garden is regular and there are lots of apple trees. I think my house is nice and small.

There are five people in my family my parents, but we do not live with my father, my best sister, Shriya, my younger brother, Shyam and me.

My sister is ten and six years old. She has long, black hair. She also has dark eyes. She is extroverted, affectionate and sympathetic but heavy.

My brother is twelve years old. He has black hair and very short hair. He also has brown eyes. Shyam is talkative, nice and relaxed. He always watch football or play on his Xbox and Playstation 2.

My mother is thirty-eight and has brown hair. my mother always criticized me for the state of my bedroom or for being late. Always say;

& lt; & lt; Your room looks like a pigsty! & gt; & gt;

My father is forty-three and has black and white hair. He is funny.

In my house I have my bedroom, I make the bed and sometimes I plan on my clothes. IT'S NOT JUST! My brother and sister does not do anything because my mother does it all for them!

My Ideal House

My ideal home would be in the center of the city. It would be a very seperate and very large house with very nice rooms.

It would have two living rooms, both very huge and filled with nice material.

Downstairs would have an intregral kitchen and very wide. Also it would be nice to have a huge dining room, a beautiful conservatory and some
washbasins downstairs.

I would have the biggest bedroom. It would be really bright and look really good.

The house would come with a football tone for my brother, and an autodormo for my father. For my mother, sister and me, the house would be close

a central shopping.

As well as this, there would be a very large garden with a terrace and a heated pool for my family and my friends, when they come round to my house.

I would like to live on a small island with huge beaches and nice people.

I would want many animals in my garden. I would be near my school. I would also like to have many parties.

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