The orchids of Ivan Arroyo. My orchids in Basque Country: Phalaenopsis [Phal.] Violacea var. coerulea

Location / Habitat: Malaysia. Phalaenopsis violacea usually grows under the shade of the trees and near the rivers in the lowlands. In areas where the temperature is around 31-32 ° C during the day, and 22-23 ° C at night. The rains are constant throughout the year, and there is an environmental humidity between 80 and 85%. Therefore, for the cultivation of Phal. violacea at home , we have to know that it is a temperate orchid, that is, we will give a daytime temperature around 31ºC and night around 22ºC; we will look for a space where light , but never direct sunlight; we will supply you with high humidity <80%, which we can help with water bins, nebulizers, humidifiers, etc. Irrigation abundantly throughout the year, that is, allowing the substrate to dry between irrigation and irrigation (eye, if we can not supply those temperatures mentioned above, the irrigations should be more spaced)

This orchid I bought it through the internet, in August 2010, to a German seller, called Elsner Orchideen, a good seller, with good plants and with affordable shipping costs. The orchid arrived in a pot with pine bark (in good condition), so I did not transplant it (yet). Like almost all my orchids, I placed it in my garret next to the others. I tell you a little, how do I have it:

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