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Aug 15 2017

24th Street: An International Destination For Poetry & raquo; MissionLocal

Drawing inspiration from Meso-American traditional gatherings, Murguía says the Flor y Canto fests are about the solidifying of friendship and metaphorical examination of...

Aug 13 2017

The Official Page of ULTRA 7 NOPAL® - The Original

It is the number one enemy of cholesterol, because it purifies blood; it also stimulates the immune system. Controls blood pressure. Due to its antioxidant action it slow...

Aug 07 2017

COLIBRI CORUSCANS by maria josé camacho roldan on Prezi

It is a nectarivorous species. NAMES Common: "Greater Hummingbird" and "Blue Picaflor" and Orejivioleta In English: it is known by "Sparkling Violet-ear" HABITAT FO...

Aug 01 2017

That day there was a big fire in the jungle ... | Parable of the Hummingbird | I love the text

And in this forest the animals began to feel the discomfort of the suffocating heat that it made due to the intense summer that was doing at that moment ... Finally one o...

Jul 15 2017

Ernesto Cardenal reads a fragment of "National Canto". From Mexican Poetry Seminar - Download Facebook Videos

High-Definition (HD) videos and Standard-Definition (SD) videos. HD videos are better than SD videos in terms of quality and also bulkier in file size. To download video ...

Jun 29 2017

Carlos Márdida. Expert art authentication, certificates of authenticity and expert art appraisals - Art Experts

Do you think you can own a painting or print by Carlos Mérida?

Jun 27 2017

Francisco Verástegui Wins 2007 Colibri Ecotourism Award

The winner of the award is selected by founder Ron Mader following consultation with members of the Mexico Ecotourism Network. The United Nations celebrat...

Jun 13 2017

Amazilia tzacatl - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The hummingbird Larger Shield from the island Escudo de Veraguas in Panama is commonly considered a subspecies of the hummingbird amazilia of rufa tail. Young hummingbird...

Jun 12 2017

Decorate walls with stencil: Ideas and templates for stencil -

What we need are templates, the ones that are printed or copied (with the trick on the screen) and then cut into acetate, X-ray plates or recycled plastic cardboard. Do y...

Jun 07 2017

Birds in the North of Spain: Ebro reservoir, migration

It has highlighted the presence of Spatulas , possibly the largest number that is recorded, as well as Pato Colorado , this last one goes year after year in the Res...

May 23 2017

Hibiscus For Hair

I did not know back then I could use them for my hair and my skin; a fact that would have helped me a lot. Hibiscus is called "flower of hair care" mainly for all the ...

May 23 2017

Tyrannidae photos on Flickr | Flickr

They put 2 white eggs or cream color, immaculate. They reproduce from March to May. Used to fly from a hanger exposed to catch insects in flight, especially flies, dro...

May 21 2017

Toh Bird Festival in Yucatan | BirdLife

The Toh Bird Festival of Yucatan, every year in the months of March to November, carries out various bird watching activities, aimed at the general public, tourists , bir...

May 17 2017


There are still at least 2 of the 3 needles I have seen last week, one of them ringed in Holland whose code Iñaki and Egoitz Ikaza read. Numenius phaeopus In the ver...

Apr 28 2017


Medicinally, Jamaica has been taken internally for the treatment of various forms of digestive discomfort, along with scurvy, anxiety and fever. It is said to have an ant...

Apr 21 2017

Hibiscus Cured Salmon | ssugarpill

I have read this word on a trip and could not stop repeating it. Hibiscus is something we use in Mexico for flavoring water all the time, and sometimes even make tacos.

Apr 20 2017

Water birds

One, the pied-billed grebe, may show up on any small pond. A pair of pied-billeds may remain to raise young if they find enough plant material with which to build their f...

Apr 06 2017


When they marry and constitute a family, there comes the fear of causing damage to plants, but also the danger that some species can offer children or domestic animals. I...